First impressions: Devil’s Line

I was going to watch at least four episodes before writing something on this anime, but I think I have enough to say about it already.

Devil’s Line is a vampire romance anime that follows college student Tsukasa Taira and Yuuki Anzai, a human-vampire hybrid. Anzai saves Taira from her longtime friend, who turns out to be a vampire. Taira is quickly drawn to Anzai, who reluctantly accepts her feelings.

Before starting the anime, I already had low expectations for this. I’m glad I did. This anime brings nothing new to the supernatural genre. While that’s not a requirement for it to be good, Devil’s Line repeats stereotypes and tropes that already plague the genre.

Taira’s character is boring. She reminds me of Bella from Twilight in terms of personality. Anzai’s character isn’t much better. While I think he’s slightly better than Edward from Twilight, he’s still the cookie-cutter angsty vampire.

Their romance is not believable and feels like it’s there for the sake of the show but doesn’t add any enjoyment value. So, the romance is pointless.

The only difference between this and Twilight is that some vampires are part of a special forces group to protect the public from themselves.

While the leads are poorly written, the other characters have potential. Juliana Lloyd is also a vampire working on the special forces team. She’s headstrong and a tomboy, a stark contrast to Taira’s character.

Juliana’s character has a personality that the writers could work off of. She’s also already involved in the special forces team, which sets up a great premise for many epic action scenes.

The violence, gore, and action scenes are the main pros of this anime. While it’s not super graphic, it takes itself seriously enough.

I feel like Devil’s Line only wanted to add something entertaining to the genre. But they focused on all the worst aspects of it.

4 thoughts on “First impressions: Devil’s Line

  1. Oh man… I remember I loved the manga once I finished it. The first episode of the anime though? Oh man… having low expectations was the right move. One day I might come back to this. Not currently though lol.

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