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I came across this tag post on Oliva’s blog at Liv-ing Normally. I thought it would be fun to let others learn more about me through anime since the topic is close to nonexistent on my blog now.

I haven’t watched a new anime in a very long time. But I’ve been reading more manga recently… if you consider Webtoons manga, I guess.

Be sure to check out Oliva’s blog as she posts stuff about books, anime, Kpop, and drama reviews! This tag originally came from

Anyway, let’s begin~

1. What’s your favorite all-time anime?

Prince of Tennis will always hold a special place in my heart. I’ve watched this numerous times growing up. This anime is more than a decade old, and there are still adaptations being made on it. The most recent one was the Chinese version, and they nailed it.

I loved this because it wasn’t just about sports. It was a school slice-of-life, too, which made it so much fun to watch.

A second season came out for this, but it’s not as good as the original. Though, some people might disagree. The second season strictly focuses on sports. There’s little character development. It’s just full-on Dragonball-Z tennis.

I’ve also seen snippets of the manga here and there, and my twelve-year-old self would be happy to see that the OTP I once shipped has pretty much sailed. Almost.

2. Your worst anime?

I’ve never seen Prison School. I’ve only briefly read the manga just to see how I would feel about it and regretted it. It has an anime, so I used it for this category since I can’t remember any bad anime I’ve seen.

I hated everything about Prison School. I was interested in how they would execute the plot, but the raunchy humor got so exaggerated that I felt like I lost a few brain cells.

3. Do you read the mangas that go with the anime?

Sometimes. It depends on how I feel about the ending. But if there’s an anime, I watch it first before reading the manga. I usually never read the manga first and then watch the anime. Unless, I want to read the manga.

4. Your Favorite Genres?

I’m a fan of Shoujo anime, especially the wholesome ones. If you combine horror and shoujo together, *chef’s kiss*. I’m looking at you, Ghost Hunt.

5. Your Least Favorite Genres?

I don’t really have a least favorite genre. But I’ve yet to find an action or sci-fi anime that sticks with me. I’ve also never clicked with Mecha anime either. Trying to get into Gundam Seed was brutal for me.

6. Favorite Character?

Imai Hotaru is from Gakuen Alice. She’s a quiet genius. Hotaru is one of those brutally honest characters who just don’t give an eff.

She focuses on herself and her studies. But she’s also always willing to help out a friend in her own way… and tease them in her own way as well.

L from Death Note comes in at a very close second.

7. Least Favorite Character?

So, Usagi from Sailor Moon actually came to mind. But it’s been so long since I watched the anime that I can’t pass a fair judgement on her character.

All I remember from her was that she was ditzy and always needed someone to save her rather than thinking how to save herself.

8. Qualities you Like in a Character?

When I was younger, I loved those rowdy and happy-go-lucky characters. As I grew older, I prefer quiet and rational characters.

But characters with awesome character development are the holy grail.

Specific to girls, I like them to be shorter like Olivia since I am short too. When it comes to boys, I tend to gravitate towards them if they are intelligent, quirky, and respectful towards themselves and others.

9. Short or Long Animes?

I don’t have a preference. Prince of Tennis was more than 100 episodes long with OVAs. Detective Conan, another favorite, is probably over 1000 episodes by now.

When it comes down to it though, the length has to make sense with the pacing of the plot. But there are a few exceptions… like Detective Conan.

God knows how many filler episodes there have been, but I still come back to watch it because the plot doesn’t even matter anymore. It’s still enjoyable watching them solve all these different cases.

10. Anime or Manga?

Anime, I guess. I don’t usually read the manga, but there are exceptions.

11. How do you Choose Animes?

Plot. If I’m interested in the plot, I’ll give it a go. If not, then…

I also look at the art.

12. Skip or Listen to Opening/Ending Songs?

Most of the time, I skip. But there are exceptions when I don’t. If the melody gets me on the first listen, then I won’t skip. If not, then…

13. How to Cope With Friends/Family who 

Dislike Anime?

If I know they dislike it, I don’t talk to them about it.

14. Stop Midway if you Don’t Like the Anime?

Yes. I’ll try to give it a couple more episodes. But if I’m just not feeling it… then

This somehow turned into a GIF post, and I am not complaining.

27 thoughts on “My Anime Journey? | The Anime Tag

  1. Ahh, I’m just seeing this post now. This is a really fun tag; I’m thinking of doing it too. I also skip openings hahahhaahha… I am not proud of it… I never knew that The Prince of Tennis is your favourite anime. I liked it a ton when I was in elementary and high school! I even watched the dramas.

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  2. Oo love your answers!! I totally agree that Prison school is just…not good lol. I usually read manga since I prefer reading in general, but I still watch anime, especially action. I guess it’s just better animated…I skip some openings and endings, but mostly listen. I actually never listen to any of the attack on titan endings, well, except for the last one. But I totally feel you! 😀

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