Spill the tea: Creativity in Blogging

Regardless of your niche, I’m sure that most bloggers can agree that there’s a lot of creativity in blogging.

But where does the creativity come from? How do you find creativity?

For me, creativity comes spontaneously. If you’re a longtime or frequent reader of my blog, you’ll notice that I do many more creative posts now rather than reviews. By creative posts, I mean posts like “Anime couples and their Kpop love songs” and “My Squad for Sweet Home.

While I still do reviews every so often, I don’t find as much joy in that as I did when I first started this blog. When I discovered that, it motivated me to channel my creativity into creating something different.

Hence, I started mixing my interests together.

But once you get creative, people look for or want to be inspired by something or someone. We always need that little push to get us going.

So, where do you get inspired? And how do you keep it going without suffering a burn out?


Other bloggers are a great source of inspiration. I’m sure most, if not all bloggers, can agree.

Depending on the content you create, anything can be a source of inspiration. But I want to focus specifically on review bloggers since I’m also a review blogger.

In the past, I did a review by strictly looking at the dynamics of character relationships. I summarized their relationship with one-liners before giving my thoughts.

But besides that review, my creative process for reviews was just my stream of thoughts.

While the content we review is an obvious source of inspiration or motivation to blog, I wonder if other bloggers have other inspirations for their review. Or even a unique creative process.

How do you organize your content? What do you focus on? Or if it’s just typing what comes to mind.


As we’re all human, we experience burnout once in a while. I reached this stage early. It was actually soon after I started this blog. I had no motivation to keep it going.

I forgot how I got out of this phase. But if I were to make an educated guess, I believe it was because I was bored. Plain and simple.

Since my game consoles weren’t with me at the time, I needed something to do during my downtime.

I didn’t know whether my content would be well-received. But I knew that I didn’t have anything to lose. That thought was what brought me out of my burnout phase. In the end, I naturally got back into it.

So, for me, my boredom got me out of burnout.

There are a lot of bloggers who go on hiatuses for their own reasons. Some don’t even come back.

But I wonder what brings people back to blogging. The audience? Or is it for personal gain or satisfaction?

For me, it was just personal gain. I had nothing to lose. I could only go higher, so that was what brought me back in a way.

I actually had no idea where I wanted to go with this post when I first started. I just had an idea about creativity and ran with it. And the post you just read is the end result.

If you have any thoughts on the questions I raised, feel free to comment. I would love to get insight into the thought processes of other bloggers.

Also, I really enjoy talking about these topics. If any blogger wants to collaborate on discussing everyday topics like the influence of social media, beauty standards, culture, and more, hit me up! I would love to do a collaboration.

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