Spill the tea: Types of bloggers

Over the years I’ve lurked on WordPress, I’ve noticed that there are different types of bloggers regarding their posting schedule and interactions with the community.

For example, as you scroll through your feed, you see a sudden post from a blogger that went MIA. Their sudden post is a life update and they will make an effort to post more… (do they really, though?) Anyway, let’s see if I can categorize bloggers into types of people.

This is all just for good fun.

The one your parents want you to bring home

These bloggers post insightful, well-formatted content with no or minimal typos. They have an aesthetically pleasing cover photo and multiple photos/quotes to break up lines of text. They are probably well-known names in their community with a good understanding of SEO and content strategy. But, most importantly, these bloggers are consistent.

The one with spontaneous bursts of energy and ideas

These bloggers post multiple times a day. They post every couple of hours or once during the day and once during the evening. Depending on their niche, the length and quality of their posts generally stay the same.

The one who hibernates

These bloggers post once in a blue moon. You’ll see them once a month… maybe once every few months? More severe ones post once a year or once every couple of years. Regardless, after that one post, they go into hibernation. But when they make a comeback, their posts get a lot of engagement. These bloggers are also ones who go on a hiatus and come back after their glow-up.

A variant of this type is ‘the sleeper’. These bloggers post once a week.

The one that checks up on others

These bloggers are constantly engaging with others, but they don’t post much themselves. They post more than the hibernator but probably not as much as they’d like.

Their posts are also spontaneous throughout the year. You’ll see them one day but their next post won’t come for months. But you’ll definitely see their name in the likes or you’ll see their name going around in the comments of the community they’re in.

The one who spreads the love

These bloggers love creating, doing, and tagging people in tagged posts. They enjoy engaging with other bloggers and finding ways for the community to come together. It’s either that or they just want the marketing. (Me)

The one that went ‘K Thanks Bye’

These bloggers aren’t active anymore. They’ve either quit for personal reasons or silently disappeared. For the ones who tell their followers that they won’t be active anymore, their good-bye post is filled with gratitude towards their followers and links to their other social platforms.

I think these types are like a cycle. We are all one type of blogger at some point, and we move to the next cycle depending on the circumstances in our lives. Right now, I’m jumping between the one who hibernates and the one with spontaneous bursts of energy.

Which one are you?

Now, excuse me as I go stream SHINee’s recent comeback. SHINee’s BACK. BACK. BACK.

21 thoughts on “Spill the tea: Types of bloggers

  1. oof- I feel like this was directed at me lolol. IDK which type of blogger I am, I’m a 1-month newbie, so I’ll take my time to find out which blogger I am. Great post, and this is such a great idea<3

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      1. I’m not a k-pop fan xDD, had to mute anything to do with k-pop on twitter. That included SHINee or shiny or however the heck you pronounce their name xDD.

        Liked by 1 person

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