Rediscovering and Building Confidence

Keiji Zero review

At 51 years old, Kyoto detective, Rekihiko Tokiya, lost his memory and confidence after falling into a water storage while apprehending a murder suspect. After waking in a hospital, he discovers that he cannot remember anything past 31 years old when he first became a detective. While he resumes his duties, he gets paired with a rookie female investigator, Tomoka Saso, and deals with cases differently than before.

Using Psychological Torture To Teach

3nen agumi drama

A twist on Battle Royale and Assassination Classroom, Hiiragi Ibuki (Suda Masaki) is a quiet art teacher who traps class 3-A in their classroom 10 days before their graduation. To obtain their freedom, the class must find out the truth behind their deceased classmate, Kageyama Reina's, suicide.

This review is spoiler-free.