Debunking myths about myself? | 300 follower special

Hey, everyone.

The blog recently hit 300 subscribers! Thank you to all the readers/followers who are the biggest motivators in keeping this blog alive.

Some of you may know that I stopped blogging about two or three years ago, and I never thought I would pick it up again. But I’m glad I did. I’ve met some awesome and inspiring people on here.

I’ve wanted to do a Q&A for some time now, and now seems like a fitting time. So, feel free to ask anything in the comments, as long as it’s appropriate. I’ll put together a Q&A post with all the questions and answers. 🙂

Have fun, and ask away!

27 thoughts on “Debunking myths about myself? | 300 follower special

  1. Congratulations Annie!! Here are my questions for you..
    1. What’s your recent favorite song?
    2. What’s your favorite music genre?
    3. Where are you from?
    4. When did you start blogging?
    5. What’s your idea of a perfect day?

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  2. Congrats for 300 subs Annie! 😀
    Here are some Q’s for you to have fun with:
    How are you??
    What are your favourite blog posts you’ve shared on your blog??
    Are there blog posts you’ve written in the past that you now feel need to be revamped? If so, which one(s) and why??
    How do you come up with such cool listicle ideas??
    What other usernames did you come up with before you chose to go with “eveningteamusings”??
    If you wrote song lyrics for your favourite musician(s), who would you write for and why??
    Any Webtoon recommendations?? XD
    Cheers and congrats again!

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  3. Wow, congratulations on 300 followers, here’s to many more.

    My questions:
    1. Do you listen to music while reading webtoons if so plz recommend me a good playlist
    2. Your favorite Kpop song of all time
    3. Your favorite BTS mv

    I hope the questions are not too bad.

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  4. OMG CONGRATS!!!!!! here’s to more~
    my questions: (skip them if you already answered them hehe)
    #1–how old are you?
    #2– if you could stay in someone else’s shoes for a day, who would it be?
    #3– if a genie gave you 3 wishes, what would they be?

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  5. Heyy! Congratulations!
    So here is my random question.🤣

    1. If you could live anywhere and live a new life, where would it be?
    2. If you to go to Kpop concert with your follower, who would you choose?
    3. Have you ever imagined to live in anime world? Which anime is it and why? And what is your character-name,skills,power,elements)
    4. How many languages do you speak?
    5. Who is your favourite kpop idol at the moment?

    Ok that’s it.

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  6. OMG!!!! Congratulations!!!!! I hope it keeps multiplying!!!
    My questions!
    1. Who inspires you?
    2. How old are you?
    3. Why did you name your blog as the “Evening Tea Musings” ?
    4. What type of blog do you prefer reading?
    5. What’s the one (or more) thing(s) you do every day(like not the basic needs🤣) with or without knowing.
    Yeah, that’s it I guess. Once again, Congo!!!!

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  7. Congrats on 300 followers! Well, 301 actually haha.
    I hope I’m not overstepping my boundaries, but what made you stop blogging in the past? And what convinced you to start all over again?
    Don’t feel obligated to answer tho 🙂

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