Spill the tea: looking back at old posts

I felt like writing something short and fun. What better way to do so than look back at some cringe-y old posts of mine?

Judge Judy Reaction GIF

I started this blog sometime in 2018, not thinking much about the longevity of these posts. It’ll probably disappear somewhere in the content mush that is the Internet in the future. When I look at the blog stats now, it’s usually my older posts that get more traffic, and I am unsure how to feel about that. 

Why? Well, there are a couple reasons, some of which I still do.

Too emotional

When I read old posts, sometimes I wonder why I had to explain my thoughts that way. And it makes me wonder why I really liked or hated something that much. 

Some of these were old reviews, where I gave a “heck yeah” or a “hell no” as a verdict. But, I mean… it gets the point across, at least. 

Though, it’s interesting to see how my opinions have changed on the show since I first watched it. That could turn into a series, actually.

Too much plot explaining

I still catch myself doing this, actually.

But sometimes, I focused too much on explaining the plot rather than what I felt about it or analyzing it further. Well… it’s good for SEO, I guess.

Too much inconsistency

I never decided on a set review format, so many of my old reviews have different headings and organization. It’s interesting to see the format evolution throughout the years. 

Don’t get me started on titles.

Too much consistency

I noticed that I frequently list drama soundtracks as a major pro of the show. I guess I couldn’t think of anything else to say. But I’ll have to revisit those tracks one day.

All jokes aside, it is fun to go back and read some old posts and rediscover some old gems. As I’m running low on my watch list, I’ll probably revisit them soon.

13 thoughts on “Spill the tea: looking back at old posts

  1. I feel the same way about my old posts actually! Some of them I haven’t even looked at in a looong time because of how whack they were compared to now.

    For example, my Anime Reviews were way too enthusiastic and didn’t go too in-depth about the plot’s intricacies and seemed really generic (hence why I ended up rewriting two of them, for Nichijou and Lucky Star); my religious reflections were way too disconnected from the blog’s theme and the posts were just quite terse and uninteresting. Well, I had an excuse that I was doing university, so I ended up just rushing my posts before random Friday deadlines, but after I started work, I found myself investing more time to improving my blog’s writing and content, and as a result they not only were longer but the quality has improved.

    All in all, you’re not alone with feeling the same way about your old posts! 😀

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  2. Man I’m constantly going through my old posts looking for gems of stuff to use to make other posts. Mostly I’ll make a point and be like ‘maybe I’ll write another post specifically about this’ and then… boom, new content lol! Also a lot of editing because my spelling and grammar has always been rather weak in those earlier posts.

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      1. Oh man, I am notorious for going… “I really thought I made a point there didn’t I?” with some of my old writing. But it’s reassuring to know I’ve improved since then lol.


  3. It is just too much cringe too look at my old posts, so I mostly don’t but the times when I do, I realize how much I’ve improved and how much better my writing has become but maybe after a few years later I would cringe at my current posts.

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  4. This is something that’s been sitting in my drafts!
    I actually ended up deleting a lot of my old posts—I mean like the first things I posted—because it was just too much to know that people were reading those 😅

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