Girl’s Revenge: Is it really a revenge story, though?

Girl’s Revenge is a Taiwanese film that follows transfer student Wu Yun-heng. She solves the mystery and takes revenge for her friend, Ren Li-cha when a sex video taken without her consent starts circulating around the school.

The story moves at a brisk pace. The first half focuses on Wu Yun-heng settling into her new life, and the second half focuses on her investigation. One of the film’s biggest upsides is portraying the pressures and power dynamics of high school life. Even though the mystery gets obvious, the film keeps things tense and interesting by showing bits and pieces of Yun-heng’s past.

What’s odd is that Li-cha almost completely disappears from the film; we don’t even get a meaningful glimpse into her life after she becomes a victim.

It’s not until later you realize that she’s used as redemption for Yun-heng. The entire second half focuses on a messy investigation with a sprinkle of friend problems, which is why this feels more of a redemption story than one that explores the victim of sexual abuse.

This way, it differentiates itself from other youth films, adds a little depth, and builds towards a good conclusion. However, it still feels like something is missing. It feels lacklustre and just only scratches the surface.

There’s also a pointless romance subplot that fades almost immediately after the investigation starts. I find that many youth films I watch have some kind of romance; it doesn’t matter if they add anything to the plot. Girl’s Revenge is no different.

Overall, this film is an enjoyable watch, if you don’t think of it as a film that genuinely explores social issues. Instead, it’s a film that uses social issues as a plot device and blankets it with many lighthearted moments.

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