GOT the beat ‘Step Back’ Quick Thoughts

I’ve finally crawled out of the Genshin Impact hole to bring the first “review” of 2022.

This group is like the dream group every Kpop fan was waiting for after SuperM. With members from Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet, aespa, and soloist BoA, this group is here to overdeliver.

After reading many negative comments about the song, I braced myself for a cringeworthy experience. But Step Back was more cohesive than I thought. The only part that sounded out of place was the bridge. The instrumental sounds obnoxious, but it wasn’t horrendous. I could at least give it a second listen.

Overall, I’m just happy that the vocalists and dancers got their moment to shine: Wendy and Taeyeon got to belt out a high note and Hyoyeon, BoA, and Seulgi got a small dance break.

While I wish SM will give them songs with less noisy instrumental, I might just eat up anything they release because I love this lineup too much.

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