Review: Love is True

Love is True is a gem that focuses on friendship, romance, family, and female empowerment.



The story revolves around three women with different lifestyles: Xiao Yan, Chen Jiaorui, and You Ya.

Xiao Yan is a career-oriented, independent woman who dreamed of having a place in Thea Group’s Board of Directors. She had always believed that loving yourself is true love. She gradually learns to reap happiness and love through helping others.

Chen Jiaorui is a recent divorcee, single mother, and Xiao Yan’s workplace rival. When she’s unable to balance work and life, she begins to feel extremely anxious. She learns to put aside her hate and misunderstanding and strives to be a mother her daughter is proud of.

You Ya is a full-time housewife and Xiao Yan’s best friend. She has a princess-like personality and is sheltered by her husband. When her husband’s company goes bankrupt, she realizes that her life has always revolved around her husband and son and ultimately learns to stand on her own.


This story was so much fun to watch. It tackled so many themes and executed them so well. Societal pressures, depression, marriages, and being a female in the workplace are just a few that the show portrayed.

What I love most about it are the realistic depictions of human nature. While a large part of it focuses on female empowerment, it doesn’t portray this through rose-coloured lenses. There’s deceit and gossip between females that drive the plot forward. But this ultimately goes to show that there’s no heroine or villain in this show.

I also loved how the story progressed at a great pace. Nothing was dragged out. The drama was quick to provide redemption to characters or stepping stones for future resolutions.

While there was romance, it was extremely low-key and served more as a backdrop. I would’ve preferred it to have no romance, but I think it’s there to provide more depth to Xiao Yan’s character. Because she’s so headstrong and independent, it’s charming to see her stick to her beliefs about marriage and children.

It also showed a contrast between her romantic relationship and her relationship with Mo Ming, Chen Jiaorui’s ex-husband. Xiao Yan helped Mo Ming during the lowest point in his life. To repay her, Mo Ming begins helping and supporting Xiao Yan. However, their relationship never turned romantic.

I loved seeing them on screen together. Their dynamic was refreshing and genuine to watch. You can tell that they mutually trust and respect each other, They also understand each other really well. When Mo Ming got asked if he had feelings for Xiao Yan, he said that there are bonds stronger than romance.

I was surprised that Mo Ming also became a main character in the show. His character arc was amazing, and you can’t help but just be so happy for him at the end.

This show was highly inspirational and motivational. I’ve never seen a story centring around women done so well. There were no dramatic acting or plot lines. It is just a mature, well-thought-out storyline about three women navigating corporate politics, traditional and self-beliefs to achieve their dreams.

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