Monthly music mania: Let the smaller artists reign?

To have some consistency of song reviews on this blog, I’ll post thoughts on one or more songs I’m obsessed with every month called ‘Monthly music mania’. So creative. Maybe you’ll find a new jam or question my song choices. We’ll see.


Blue makes you want to get up and dance. It’s a great summer song, and I wish I discovered it sooner… you know, when it was actually summer. But hey, never late than never.


Is Meego well known in the industry? Or am I just too basic and living under a rock? Because this guy can sing me to sleep.

Meego is the king of K-indie; his voice is the definition of coffee shop vibes, and I am living for it. Fiction is such a soothing track that you can study, work, or relax to.

Luv Dejavu–RIRI

RIRI is so underrated it hurts. This track is so fresh and groovy, and her voice fits it perfectly.

RIRI sings in English and Japanese, and she manages to retain the song’s vibe for both languages. I think it’s only recently she started releasing the same song in both languages. Her tracks sometimes have an old-school Jpop vibe like Wheel of Fortune. But I’m in love with this beat.

The girl’s got charisma, charm, and vocals, and she’s not afraid to show it off.

Hide and Seek–Peder Elias

I’m slowly getting back into English songs, and I’m loving what I’m hearing. It didn’t take me long for Hide and Seek hook me in; I blame that guitar instrumental and the solid vocals.

Hide and Seek is upbeat, but those lyrics. Damn. I swear you’ll be bobbing your head to this before the chorus even starts.

I see you, Peder Elias. I see you.

My Universe–Coldplay x BTS

I mean… does this need an explanation? It’s a great collaboration.

If I had to pick a favorite off of this list, I’d have to say Hide and Seek followed closely by Luv Dejavu. Something is refreshing about these tracks. Or maybe I’ve been stuck in the mainstream Kpop bubble for too long.

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