aespa ‘Savage’ Quick Thoughts

aespa is back and ready to be savage… I guess. I didn’t know the girls were coming back, but this makes a great procrastination post.

Savage gave me better vibes than Next Level first did. So, it’s an improvement, I guess. But what is this song, exactly? It’s like a Next Level 2.0. It’s the first song that made me zone out halfway.

There are parts of Savage that made me think this could’ve been such a great song. I just wish the chorus was better… a lot better. That great vocal build-up, and then it falls to a weird, synth, chant thing. After a while, the song started to sound like white noise to me.

But who knows? Next Level grew on me, so this one could too… maybe.

Though I wish they had more variety in this album. All of the songs sound vaguely similar to each other. I’m digging Lucid Dream, though.

2 thoughts on “aespa ‘Savage’ Quick Thoughts

  1. I actually kind of like Savage. Although there was so much shit going on in the whole song, it’s literally stuck in my head, I mean it is SM style. The other songs in the album were also quite good. I liked “I’ll make you cry” & “Lucid dream”. I mean these songs are part of their story line so it’s pretty interesting on how it progresses with each song.

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