Spill the tea: Binge or weekly releases?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve found myself interested in something, and it’s not completed.

I start it, get up to the latest update, and then forget about it most of the time. Weeks or even months later, I see it again and end up binging the whole thing or dropping it. This applies to both TV shows and Webtoons.

This brings me to the ultimate question: is it better to binge or wait for weekly updates? I can see benefits in both.

It’s an awesome feeling when you find something you enjoy, and there’s already a season or two for you to power through. You don’t need to wait on those frustrating cliffhangers.

But for weekly updates, you have something to look forward to, and that in itself is a great feeling when you’re having a crappy day or week.

However, you’re always left with an empty feeling when the show or Webtoon ends.

I’ve always binged shows or Webtoons. But there are a select few that I check for updates every week. I can’t count the number of unfinished Webtoons I have sitting in my subscribed list that I don’t actively check up on anymore. But it’s still there because I don’t bother to remove them.

As for shows, I like to power through in one sitting. I’ll be honest: I hate waiting. I can’t remember a time I came back to a weekly update of a show. Patience is not one of my virtues when it comes to shows, I guess.

Though, I wonder if something can be better because it’s released weekly. Sometimes we need some time to digest an episode. If you’re up for it, dig out all the theories and possibilities of what just happened and what this means for future releases. 

If you binge, it takes away that fun and thrill.

Yet, if you binge, it’s a much more immersive experience. Hence, why I always feel so empty every time I finish a good binge.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments~

4 thoughts on “Spill the tea: Binge or weekly releases?

  1. This is a debate I have with my friends all the time – I think it’s rare to find people who like to watch things weekly, but I’m that person. I can’t sit still to watch something for a considerable length of time – somewhere in the back of my mind I feel like I have a thousand tasks to achieve, so instead of binging, I end up picking up and dropping a show over the course of a month (or sometimes more). Whereas when it’s weekly, psychologically it feels like “Okay, it’s just one hour a week” (or however long/frequent the show is) and it feels more manageable for my brain!
    Of course, if the show is REALLY GOOD it makes me sad that I can’t push on and find out what happens next ahahah

    For webtoons – I’m terrible whether its binge or weekly – I’m poor with consistency ahhaha

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  2. I have a tendency to binge watch and read Webtoons. I totally relate to having SO MANY unfinished Webtoons. I’m more likely to be okay with waiting every week for a new show episode than for a new Webtoons episode just because some Webtoons tend to have short episodes. However, I may do a little research on the new show episode to see if there’s a SUPER big conflict or cliffhanger. If there is, I wait another week because I know I cannot deal with the suspense haha.

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