TWICE ‘Alcohol-Free’ Quick Thoughts

TWICE is back and ready for their next summer bop? Maybe.

I was expecting a fun, upbeat song from TWICE, so I’m a little surprised to hear that this song is much more mellow compared to their previous title tracks.

Rather than an all-out party on a beach, we get a chill summer night song. And I can’t complain about that.

Nothing about this track stood out to me on the first listen. Instead, it sounds like a b-side rather than a title track. However, the chorus is growing on me, and the mellow beat has me bobbing my head at times.

But that’s it.

While I enjoy these mellow vibes, I hoped there was something… more to it. Something that made the song stand out and is the icing on the cake. But it’s the same repetitive vibe and beat.

The music video is stunning though.

5 thoughts on “TWICE ‘Alcohol-Free’ Quick Thoughts

  1. Yeah, agreed. The chorus will grow on me probably but there just isn’t anything to really make me think oh god, this is such a good release! They look beautiful, wish the music was stronger too.

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