Mix and match: Anime couples

This idea randomly came to me one night, and I couldn’t get it off my mind.

Kyo & Sawako & Yuki

Sawako is similar to Tohru in that she’s kind-hearted, empathetic, and doesn’t hold grudges. But Sawako is also quiet and reserved. From the anime, she seems like a person who would prefer other people to approach her first. Sawako would get along with Yuki, but she wouldn’t judge or push Kyo away.

This love triangle dynamic would be interesting, considering Kazehaya is more similar to Yuki than Kyo. But I think Kyo is also persistent, so it would be entertaining to see how he takes a different approach to Sawako than Tohru.

Kazehaya & Mizutani

At first, I thought of pairing Kazehaya with Misaki from Kaichou wa Maid Sama, but it feels like their relationship would turn familial rather than romantic. I think this couple would be cute. It would be entertaining to see how Kazehaya deals with an apathetic love interest.

Realistically, this couple is more likely to happen than Mizutani and Haru. This relationship would be healthier too.

While Kazehaya is more outgoing and kind with others, Mizutani and Kazehaya are both hardworking and studious. Since they’re quite similar in their work ethic, it would make more sense for them to fall for each other.

Usui & Haruhi

Usui and Misaki’s relationship is one of the more unique ones in shoujo since Misaki is more strong-willed and direct than most female protagonists.

Haruhi and Misaki are similar in that they’re both hard-working, intelligent, and responsible. Haruhi wouldn’t be so easily swayed by Usui’s charm either, which would make it more entertaining to watch.

While Usui and Misaki’s relationship was fun to watch, it would be fun to see the tables turned on Usui. Since he’s always the one teasing Misaki, the school would get a kick out of Usui trying to woo someone who everyone thinks is a boy.

Tamaki & Misaki

This couple would be hilarious. Tamaki is such a… character that his personality would just fluster and embarrass Misaki. It would be funny to see their personalities clash and the dynamic of their relationship. Maybe Misaki would somehow end up as the newest member of the Host club herself.

Kou & Tohru

Tohru is a super emphatic person. If she was in Futaba’s shoes, Tohru would probably give her all to take Kou of his shell. She seems like she would be more outgoing than Futaba, so there would probably be less beating around the bush.

My favorite “couple” off this list is Kazehaya and Mizutani. A lot of shoujo animes usually have the main couple as complete opposites. But I would prefer people to have similar personalities.

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