First impressions: The Hip Guy

As I was scrolling through Instagram, I found Webtoon’s post announcing a newly released comic. I like the art style, and the plot sounded funny, so I thought I’d check it out.

So, let’s talk about butts.


The Hip Guy talks about Ga-eun Seong, a woman who’s the definition of young, rich, and pretty. She runs an athleisure company, and she needs someone to model men’s leggings.

She hires Chan Gwak, a man who she describes as having the perfect butt. Chan’s not her type, but could she end up falling for him anyway?


The Hip Guy is funny. As you read it, you’ll find the plot ridiculous but unique.

Everything starts because of a butt.

Ga-eun is an interesting character. She’s very forward and cares little about people’s feelings if that means getting what she wants. She becomes interested in Chan because he has a butt like no one else does, which she wants to monetize for her new collection of men’s leggings.

Ga-eun goes as far as to stalk and almost force him into working for her. When Chan fights back, saying that she’s crazy, she spins it so that it looks like he’s the one at fault.

She mentions that a lot of people take modelling seriously. She throws the many applications she reviewed in the air to make her point.

I wasn’t fond of Ga-eun making her little speech in front of Chan, making him look like the bad guy when she was intrusive. She could’ve made her point in another way.

But then the story wouldn’t be as entertaining. Ga-eun’s character is the entertainment, while Chan’s character is reserved and quiet.

It’s similar to the trope “opposites attract.”

After this interaction, Chan seriously thinks about what Ga-eun says and shows up at her company to tell her to give him a shot.

Episode three ends with a mysterious man saying that Ga-eun’s company is setting itself up for failure. I assume this is their business rival and maybe the second possible love interest.

The guy has a face that screams “I’m a jerk but an attractive jerk and I know it.”

I’m curious to see where this Webtoon will go.

It’s already entertaining, and the character dynamic is setting itself up for more humour.

However, I hope Ga-eun’s character becomes more understanding and empathetic instead of pushing this “strong female” trope. You can be empathetic and stand your ground at the same time.

Regardless, I love her drive to do well.

As for Chan, the authors set him up as a quiet and hardworking person. I hope Ga-eun and Chan will click in that regard since Ga-eun is also extremely hardworking.

In the first three episodes, you see Chan work multiple jobs, so there has to be some backstory (probably tragic) behind that.

Even though there are only three episodes out right now, if you love romance, I would give The Hip Guy a shot.

3 thoughts on “First impressions: The Hip Guy

  1. This dorama is quite holesome, very human!!! the relationship between Ga-eun and Chan Gwak developed nice with some conflicts with Ga-eun pass!! but in general is so good XD


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