From Afar

Into the adjacent apartment building, she looks.

He sees.

She quickly looks away.

He recognizes her as their student council president.

She slowly looks again.

How are you? 

The big, black letters on the whiteboard.

She smiles.


He laughs.

She waits.

What is it?

She looks at the picture below.

A tree?

He makes a gesture to continue.

She looks closer.

The tree on the rooftop courtyard?

She remembers. The day they first met.

He looks at her drawing.

A bus stop?

She nods.

He remembers.

The second time he saw her.

They had smiled at each other.

She reads the date.

She recognizes it as her presentation day.

He writes.

She waits.

The day I fell in love with you.

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