A Day at Hogwarts: Maze Runner

This may become a series.

If the Maze Runner protagonists were at Hogwarts with WICKED as the antagonist.


Roaming the halls

Without a destination.

Avoiding the areas commonly visited by Filch and Mrs. Norris.

Curiosity gets the best of him

As he discovers a door he has never seen before.

He opens it and sees an ancient, ornate mirror

With an unknown phrase inscribed at the top.

And he sees himself with his closest friends

happy and free.


Sitting alone at a library table

With his nose in a book.

Researching and learning

About anything related to the Flare that’s sickened his friend.

He remembers Alby’s angry and heartbroken stare at Thomas

In the school hospital wing.

The catalyst he needs to find out everything there is to know

About a virus that welcomed itself through Hogwarts doors.


It was his fifth lap around the Quidditch pitch.

He swoops down to grab a Quaffle.

Tucked firmly underneath his arm

He throws it up

And sends it flying through a large hoop.

He took over as captain

When their leader unexpectedly falls ill.

But it is not the pressures of a leader

That gives him jitters.


She signs off a new letter from her dormitory

And attaches it to her owl.

As she watches the animal fly into the distance

She doesn’t know what she should feel.

Guilty? Powerful? Hopeful?

But her actions have a purpose.

It is for the greater good.

And, of course, the boy she cares about most.

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