Delicious Romance: A sweet aftertaste

Delicious Romance is a Chinese drama that follows the lives of three women during the pandemic.

These simple, slice-of-life dramas are getting increasingly popular, and I am here for it. Delicious Romance had the perfect balance of comedic, dramatic, and emotional moments with a great theme surrounding women’s decisions.

The personalities of the three female protagonists are very different, and they complement each other well. Though I didn’t feel a ton of chemistry between them, their dynamic was still enjoyable. In addition, each of them had their own love stories, each with a unique message. While the male leads may not be as good-looking as the ones you usually see on screen, all of them were a joy to watch regardless.

The plotlines throughout the show also felt very believable. None of them were exaggerated or forced for the sake of the show. And, while I considered it a mellow show, there was enough conflict to keep things interesting. So, if you prefer dramatic plots and events, you probably won’t enjoy this as much.

The character dynamics were what I enjoyed most about this show, especially the conflict between the men and the women. You understood why they did what they did. There wasn’t a dramatic fallout, and I found it nice to see that they came to an understanding despite what happened. I think some people may find that it tied things up a little too nicely, but it fits with the show’s vibe.

Lastly, the ending is open-ended. The events and revelations at the end open up a new chapter in their lives but are tied up nicely with what occurred during the show. Finally, and most importantly, it focused on their friendship and growth rather than their romance.

Delicious Romance has a vibe like having a good dinner with friends or family. It’s just a pleasant time with a lot of laughs as you catch up in each other’s lives.

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