Sorrow【Until Dawn】

“I… I saw it. That was no human.”

Shaken and lost, the image of the distraught policeman suddenly switched to an anchorwoman reporting on the recent case of two supposedly missing policemen. One, according to the one who had returned was dead while he had barely survived the attack from “a creature straight from hell.”

Sam switched off the television, her eyes lifeless.

She hugged her knees, unaware of her tears streaming down her cheeks. Days after their interviews with the reporters, Mike told her he didn’t really see Josh die. Only dragged by Hannah to somewhere in the mines.

The thought began to consume her as Sam couldn’t stop trembling. Regardless, Josh was dead. Either succumbed to death or suffered a fate worse than death.

And Sam couldn’t help but wonder how different things would be if she had reached out to him sooner.

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