Five Dates With Five Fictional Characters {Otome Games}

The third in my series “Five Dates With Five Fictional Characters.”

Valentines Day is a little more than a week away, and I plan for at least two more in this series. There may be a bit of a twist at the end too. Like the title indicates, I’ll be focusing on characters from Otome Games this time.

(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ Enjoy peeps

707 (Saeyoung Choi) – Mystic Messenger

While I was intrigued by Mystic Messenger’s plot, I only wanted to play 707’s route. So, when I found out you had to play three(?) other routes to unlock his route, I felt like a deflated balloon.

707 saeyoung choi date
Picture from:

I initially had no idea what his personality was like. Honestly, I saw his picture and thought: I’m in. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw through YouTube walkthroughs his quirky personality. Now that I think about it, he reminds me of Futaba from Persona 5. Pursuing this line of thought, they would definitely have some interesting conversations.

He enjoys joking around with the MC and also fails to hide his feelings. Though, if he really wanted to hide them, pretty sure he would do a better job of it. I think he was one of the first to accept the MC into the group as from the very beginning he spoke kindly to her. At one point, I really wanted the emoticons he was using.

My ideal date with him would be playing video games or learning about hacking.

Jaehee Kang – Mystic Messenger

I didn’t take notice of Jaehee at first as my attention was pretty much completely on 707. But when I revisited Mystic Messenger in the past years, I began to love her personality. Though sometimes a little too serious, I admire her dedication to her work and sense of humour.

Jaehee Kang date
Picture from:

Though she’s practically the opposite of 707, she’s the type of person who I would more enjoy being roommates with. If problems arise, I feel we would work well with each other to get it solved.

I enjoy reading about her infatuation with Zen. It makes her relatable and fun. I also noticed that I preferred her and the MC’s interactions compared to everyone else. Specifically, I like the MC better when she’s interacting with Jaehee as the MC becomes slightly like her in the way she speaks and acts.

A great date with Jaehee would be to a bakery or a coffee shop.

Hajime Saito – Hakuouki

I romanced multiple guys in Hakuouki before finishing with Saito. I don’t have much to say about him but that out of all the Shinsengumi, I’m most fond of Saito’s personality. He has pretty much all the traits I look for in a significant other, haha.

Hajime Saito
Picture from:

Like Leon, Saito also deserves a snuggie, hot chocolate, and surrounded by great company. Saito thinks before he speaks and is calculative in his actions. I also think he’s the type of person who, when angered, is not a person you want as an enemy as he can be ruthless.

I feel a study date with Saito would be fun. Though, it would also be comedic to see him in more… outgoing environments such as going to the amusement park or the likes. Simply going grocery shopping also doesn’t seem too bad. Really, anything with Saito is a good time. (▰˘◡˘▰)

Shin – Amnesia

I still vaguely remember one scene between Shin and the heroine… when she refuses to kiss(?) him. At that time, I felt offended.

Shin Amnesia
Picture from:

When I was first introduced to Amnesia, Shin was also the first boy I noticed. After learning of Toma’s personality, I pretty much gravitated toward Shin and Kent. Though I’ve still only played Shin’s route. And it’s been awhile.

It was heartwarming to see how much he cared for the heroine after she lost her memories. While I wasn’t too fond of how she kept pushing him away, it was within reason. Pretty sure I would also do the same if I was in her situation.

For anyone who’s interested, YumeMiruSekai did an awesome and detailed job at translating his route with all the endings.

Anywho, I think an ideal date with Shin would be a road trip to the mountains or hot spring. (✿´‿`)

Ishikawa Goemon – Ninja Love+

Back in the good ‘ol high school days, I was obsessed with this guy. He’s charming, attractive, confident, and just attractive. I still remember googling fanfiction about him late at night.

Goemon Ishikawa date
Picture from:

Goemon is one of the ninjas you can choose to protect you, a ninja princess. Goemon has specifically been instructed to “not to lay his hands on you.” But of course, as he fights and protects you, both of you gradually start to develop feelings for each other. He’s a womanizer but let’s just put that notion aside…

A few “fun” facts about this guy is that he’s based on a “semi-legendary outlaw hero” who was boiled alive along with his son. Goemon is also Yusuke’s Persona in Persona 5, though his appearance is drastically different from the Goemon in Ninja Love+. According to his Wiki, Goemon is either portrayed as a young, slender ninja or a Japanese hulk bandit in popular culture.

For some reason, I feel like karaoke or bowling would be really fun with this guy.

Your Ideal Date(s)

Let me know which otome game characters you would like to go on date with ♥‿♥

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