Five Dates With Five Fictional Characters {Games}

The second in my series “Five Dates With Five Fictional Characters.”

As Valentines Day is fast approaching, here are five game characters I would love to go on a date with. (But really, they’re all too good for me (ಥ⌣ಥ).

Leon S. Kennedy – Resident Evil

Who wouldn’t want to go on a date with this guy? He’s the entire package. After what he’s been through, he deserves a snuggie, cup of hot chocolate by the fire, and surrounded by great company.

I definitely wouldn’t mind a trip to the shooting range with him for him to teach me some great shots. Or a conversation over dinner or coffee.

Leon S Kennedy date
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Despite the traumatic environment he’s been in, he’s shown to be selfless and cares much about his comrades and anyone who needs help. Additionally, throughout the Resident Evil series, his character matured considerably, and I find that progression heart-racing. Though, I am interested in knowing his life after Resident Evil 6 as the RE 8 doesn’t involve any of the past Resident Evil characters. (TEARS. ( ༎ຶŎ༎ຶ )

I’m not sure whether Capcom will bring back past RE characters, but it would be nice to see a glimpse of the life of all of them have after their horrific experiences.

Hifumi Togo – Persona 5

I have never played Persona 5. I have, however, watched a YouTube walkthrough from beginning to end. So, I hope that suffices.

Persona 5 was the first in the series that didn’t make me attached to any of the main characters. Though, Yusuke comes at a close second. Hifumi is one of the girls you’re allowed to romance.

hifumi togo date
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The star confidant, she’s a champion shogi (Japanese chess) player who’s discovered of having fixed-matches as her mother bribes her competitors without her knowledge.

I’m fond of Hifumi’s personality. She’s calm, collected, and knows what she wants. After the protagonist changes her mother’s heart, she’s not only happy to be battling her competitors at full strength but also determined on going pro.

I wouldn’t mind her teaching me shogi or a trip to the bookstore.

Theodore – Persona Q

He’s adorable ’nuff said. When I first played Persona Q, I loved Theodore for his combination of politeness, seriousness, and naiveté.

He is the younger brother of Margaret and Elizabeth from P4 and P3 respectively and the older brother of Lavenza from P5.

theodore character
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Theodore’s shown to be obedient to his older sisters in Persona Q, often not making a fuss when Elizabeth orders him to do something. Clearly, his sisters take advantage of his naiveté, and he “[pretends] to know everything there is to know about everything”, it hints that he’s still maturing mentally.

While his sisters often take the center stage, Theodore’s character is more fleshed out in Persona 3 Portable which I’ve yet to play. Though, after checking his Wiki, he gives up on his romantic feelings for the protagonist due to his duties as a Velvet Room attendant.

It wasn’t stated whether this decision was based on character development or some other influence. However, I have a feeling that from the beginning he understands and respects his duties like his siblings which perhaps show his love for his family and understands that the teasing and demands from Elizabeth and Margaret would never be used to harm him.

With Theodore, it would be fun to visit a festival or a night market.

Xion – Kingdom Hearts 365 Days

When I first played Kingdom Hearts 365 Days, I fell in love with the Roxas and Naminé pairing and had many ideas about AU fanfiction. I never noticed how chill and down-to-earth Xion was. Taking Xion to get sea-salt ice-cream and sit on top of the clock tower or explore Twilight Town would be the best date.

One of Xion’s most attractive points is that she accepts reality. While she’s initially extremely confused and lost at her existence, she accepts it, which takes a lot of courage.

Xion character
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Even though she’ll practically disappear at the end, she continues to fight for those she cares for. Of course, it’s likely that her courage and acceptance stems from her having great friends. So, she’s willing to do whatever she can to help in her own way which I find admirable.

Xion obviously deserves better. She’s a character that should have her own backstory without being the ‘reincarnation’ of someone else. Her character also has the potential to be the strongest in the series. I haven’t completely played other Kingdom Hearts games, so if I’m wrong… don’t come for me haha

Godot – Phoenix Wright Series

There’s something about his confidence and smugness that made me attracted to this guy. Godot is a prosecutor who rarely gets rattled in dire situations. He appears in the third game of the series and is the main prosecutor Phoenix goes against.

Godot character date
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While speaking with men, Godot is relatively ordinary, yet when speaking with women he tends to make things personal.

He had murderous intentions towards Dahlia Hawthorne as she slipped poison into his coffee fearing that he would expose the truth. This led Godot to a coma. Dahlia went to the extremes to try to protect herself from her crimes, harming and attempting murder on people around her. Godot also doesn’t speak too kindly towards Franziska von Karma, an extremely arrogant but somewhat emotionally fragile prosecutor who got her title at thirteen years old.

Godot feels immense guilt for Mia’s death even though he would be powerless to prevent it. It’s later learned that he’s projecting his guilt onto Phoenix and blames him for Mia’s death even though Phoenix would also have been powerless to do anything about it. To subdue his guilt, Godot used Maya, Mia’s younger sister, as a proxy for Mia. This could explain why Godot is rude to Franziska who frequently speaks harshly to Maya.

Godot is a character who will either easily snap back at people or wait for his opportunity for revenge. While he was found guilty for murdering Misty Fey by Phoenix, it forced Godot to confront his conception of what it means to protect others.

He’s a little rough around the edges, but I mean, I’d like to visit a winery with him or something similar. He would make some interesting remarks, I’m sure.

Your Ideal Date(s)

There are so many great characters from games to pick from that it’s difficult choosing only five. Other characters I would add to this list are: Reno from Final Fantasy, Dante from Devil May Cry, Miles Edgeworth from Phoenix Wright, Bebe from Persona 3, Kirijo Mitsuru from Persona 3, Kanji Tatsumi from Persona 4, and Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4.

( ≧Д≦) There’s way too many to pick from.

What kind of dates would you like to go on with your favourite game characters? Let me know (๑>ᴗ<๑)

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