A Romantic Revenge? [Final Cut Review]

Final Cut tells the story of Hayakawa Keisuke (Kamenashi Kazuya) seeking revenge upon those responsible for his mother's suicide. Twelve years ago, Keisuke's mother was falsely accused of murdering a child thus ultimately ending her life. He gets involved with the media outlet that covered the story and two sisters whose brother has a connection … Continue reading A Romantic Revenge? [Final Cut Review]

Guilt Upon Guilt – Fugitive Boys Review

Fugitive Boys is also known as Bokutachi ga Yarimashita revolved around four teenagers who caused the deaths of 10 people after a prank goes wrong and copes with the consequences. This review is not spoiler free. To get back at a group of delinquents for beating up their friend, a group of four teenagers decided to … Continue reading Guilt Upon Guilt – Fugitive Boys Review

Dear Sister [SPOILERS]

dear sister review

Dear Sister Drama Review Fukazawa Misaki (Ishihara Satomi) and Fukuzawa Hazuki are polar opposites despite being sisters. Misaki never studied well but has a charming personality; Hazuki is diligent but is socially awkward. After Misaki graduates from high school, she left home and the family hasn't heard from her since. Now, Hazuki is 29 years … Continue reading Dear Sister [SPOILERS]