Would you rather: Fanfiction edition

I haven’t written a fun post in a while, and when I came across Coley’s Fanfiction Would You Rather video, I thought it would be fun to turn some of their questions into a blog post.

Friends to lovers or enemies to lovers?

I don’t have a preference as long as the execution is good. But I think enemies to lovers would be more exciting.

Be forced to watch a terrible movie adaptation of your favorite fanfic or an amazing adaptation of your least favorite fanfic?

An amazing adaptation of my least favorite fanfic. It might make me love the fic. Who knows?

Vampire au or werewolf au?

Vampire AU.

Read a fic with an interesting concept but very poor writing or read a fic with an uninteresting concept with really good writing?

No matter how uninteresting a concept is, I think good writing can always save it. Even if you have an interesting concept, it’s just a nightmare to read if it’s not executed well.

Have a major character death or have a bed sharing scene but it’s a ship you hate?

Second one. The first one is permanent unless a sudden plot twist brings them back to life. But if they dead, they’re likely dead. You can always skip reading the bed-sharing scene.

Read SSSS++++ tier smut with almost 11k words or 70k words worth of fluff?

It all comes down to the buildup for me, haha. I think there’s a limit on how much you can write on the actual act of smut. So, if the 11K words are just the act itself, that would be a nightmare for me. So there’d better be a lot of buildup in those 11K words.

With fluff, I’m not sure if there would be a lot of buildups there. I’d imagine there would be just a lot of wholesome moments. But is there flirting before the fluff? Because I’m all for that. I really want to say it depends on the situation, but if it’s “SSSS++++” tier smut, I’m expecting an amazing buildup. So… the first one.

Be able to read amazing fanfiction but it always has an mpreg plot twist or only read bad fanfiction for the rest of your life?

If it’s amazing fanfiction, I’ll think I would accept any twist. While I’m not a fan of mpreg, I would make an exception.

Read only alternate universe fanfics or only canon fanfics?

AUs all the way! I love AUs. There’s so much creativity behind them. I rarely read canon fics, unless I find the premise interesting or love the setting.

Every fanfic includes jackson wang or every fanfic includes at least one nsfw moment?

BOTH. But if I had to pick… the first one. Jackson Wang is a gem, and he would make any fic interesting.

Introduce fanfics to your normie friend with an ongoing smut fic with great writing or a complete fluff fic with terrible writing?

First one. If you’re not reading smut, you’re probably browsing PornHub or something. Just kidding. Maybe. Everyone loves great writing; this scenario is no different.

Have the power to read every fanfic in existence or have the power to make any ship canon?

First one. The second one would come with insane consequences and responsibility. You could literally change the story completely, and that’s not always a good thing. However, with the first one, you can find some awesome, hidden gems.

Read a cringy 70 chapter harry styles mafia au or a high school kpop au y/n fic with horrible grammar?

First one. Harry Styles in a mafia AU sounds interesting, not going to lie.

Get sold to a boy band or be stuck in a time loop with your love interest?

Which boy band? BTS. I think there would be more things happening in the first one. And, I mean, you could probably end up in a reverse harem. But, with the second one, it sounds like you wouldn’t get anywhere. So, at least you’re moving forward in the first one.

Pine after an oblivious love interest or be the oblivious love interest pined after?

Second one. Sounds way less stressful.

Read a fanfic where the characters turn into furries or a fanfic where the characters all get pregnant?

First one. I don’t like pregnancy fanfiction. It’s just a big turn-off for me.

Be able to resurrect dead fics or have the power to create a plethora of new fics effortlessly?

Second one. The past is in the past.

Accidentally send your boss a super detailed smut fic or read a super detailed smut fic about your boss?

Second one. Yeah, it’ll haunt you, but there wouldn’t be repercussions besides your nightmares.

This was a lot of fun to answer. It took me longer to write than I thought, too. Anyways, hope you enjoyed this fun post. Let me know your responses in the comments~

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