The 2021 year-end roast post

Bloggers everywhere are gearing up for their end-of-the-year posts. As much as I want to do something similar, all I want to do is curl up in front of my laptop with The Vampire Diaries. However, I still want to get something out.

Over the last few months, I realized that most of my thoughts/reviews on shows haven’t been that positive. So, I thought I’d take a look at my work and critique it as if I were a player/watcher since I noticed similar flaws.

I work on game scripts as a side hustle for those who don’t know. I started this over a year ago, and it’s been an interesting experience learning the techniques of “game writing.” However, I am still learning, and I do not consider myself an expert.

So, welcome to my end-of-the-year post, where I roast myself because I’m too lazy to do anything else.

Love in the Spotlight centers around a female MC who gets caught up in a love triangle with two brothers at a performing arts academy. A lot of the plot focuses on the mystery surrounding the brothers and their past. However, looking back, I wish I could just rewrite the whole thing.

While I enjoy the twists and how each character ultimately has a specific role, the brothers’ past wasn’t that interesting. It felt very high-schooly. It was also not well thought out. If this took place in high school, I wouldn’t mind that much, but this was supposed to be in a university/college setting, so I guess it didn’t feel as “mature” as it should.

The romance between the MC and the brothers also felt one-sided. I think that was because I was biased toward one character, which showed in writing. I noticed that early on and tried to naturally balance it out. Still, I would definitely rewrite the early parts if I could.

I also wished I could’ve built the romantic premise better, but I acknowledge that there were things beyond my control, and this is something that I could’ve done if not for those restrictions.

Finally, I wish I could’ve fleshed out the brothers’ personalities better. I felt that the vibe and voice of the brothers felt kind of similar when they weren’t supposed to be. One is supposed to be a responsible, no-nonsense guy, while the other is a bad boy with a carefree attitude.

Hello Stefan and Damon from TVD.

damon salvatore GIF

What brought the story together was the twists between the brothers and some of the side characters. Regardless, I’m glad that some people still enjoyed it.

Do you Trust Me is a mystery/thriller where the MC willingly enters a game to win a large inheritance. The general premise sounds like The Inheritance Game, but rather than focusing heavily on the romance, I ultimately wanted to show the depths of human greed. Did I think I did well? Debatable.

But I can say that I enjoyed writing this one more than the first one. The MC goes back to her estranged family. There, she meets her cousin’s fiance, and the two of them strike up an alliance. However, you can choose to ally yourself with family members.

Besides the game, people start getting killed one by one. Like Love in the Spotlight, I think I killed the romantic premise. I realized that I was more interested in the murder mystery to care about the romance. A sprinkle of it here and there did not make a convincing narrative, but it was enough to scrape by the editors, I guess.

real housewives of orange county jesus GIF

Though, I wish I could’ve dropped some subtle hints leading to the ultimate reveal earlier or changed the premise to inform the player beforehand. What I like about this one is similar to the first story: I like the twists and the connection between the characters. As much as I liked the ending, there was a vibe where you could feel I just wanted to finish it, which is… true. Lol. It also felt a bit rushed to me.

Looking back, I also noticed a small illogical point that I wish I could go back and fix. Overall, I think this story fares a bit better than the first one, but the romance wasn’t great and some characters could’ve been fleshed out more.

This was a fun post to write. Writing is a large part of what makes something enjoyable. It’s really easy to see the flaws and discrepancies in other people’s work, not realizing that may subconsciously influence your own stuff. In a nutshell, writing a good story is hard. But, as long as someone out there enjoys it, that should be all that matters.

With that being said, I do want to comment briefly on the blog’s year because I’m here, anyway. I think 2021 was one of, if not the most, active one for me on this blog. I started a tag, started new series, expanded my content, increased my followers, and all that good jazz.

I don’t think 2022 will be much different unless my brain drops an idea on me at like 2 in the morning. Well, here’s to a great writing year ahead, and fingers crossed that the coronavirus has reached its final evolution.

the end k.michelle GIF by VH1

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