Midway Impressions: Mieruko-Chan

Mieruko-Chan was an anime I was looking forward to watching because of its interesting synopsis. However, I wasn’t expecting it to be just that.

Mieruko-Chan is about Miko, a girl who can see ghosts but tries to ignore them at all costs. 

And… that’s literally what the anime is about.

I’m already on episode eight, and I’m still wondering if we’ll start getting answers to everything that’s happening. For seven episodes, all we got was Miko’s distress as she tries to ignore the ghosts. Why can she see them? In later episodes, another character is introduced and has a similar power to Miko. But, why can’t she see the bigger ghosts?

I also found the characters to be very flat. Their personalities are very one-dimensional, but they’re bearable. However, Miko is an enjoyable protagonist.

What I didn’t know going into this anime was the unwanted fan service. And there’s quite a bit of it in the first two episodes. But it’s not as bad by episode three and onwards, and the focus turns back to the story (or lack thereof).

Despite my complaints about the anime, it’s still watchable because of Miko’s reactions and the ghosts themselves. But if we’re on episode 8 out of 12 and no plot has been explained… are we just going to keep watching a girl in constant distress, which is supposed to be comedic? Because this is labelled as a comedy but… where is the humour? Or maybe it’s not my type of comedy.

This isn’t bad, but it’s not as good as I hoped it would be. It’s okay. If you want to kill time, don’t want anything serious, and don’t mind fan service, then this might be worth a watch.

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