Popular Kpop songs that never grew on me

It was either this or a post on TWICE’s latest English single. I’m in the mood for a list today, so here it is.

I Can’t Stop Me–TWICE

I know this song got a lot of positive reviews and comments everywhere. This song isn’t bad, but I never loved it as much as some people proclaimed they did. While I don’t mind it, I never really liked it either for reasons that are still unknown to me. Perhaps it’s the melody or how it’s structured.

However, I can say that I am not a fan of the rap at all. Chaeyoung deserves better. Though, the song is organized and doesn’t sound like it’s all over the place.


Mark Lee is my bias from NCT, but I did not love his rap in this. I realized that I don’t like a lot of NCT songs since I think they’re too noisy. But this one is just… not my taste.

It sounds like it’s for a commercial than a title track for an album. While I like the build-up towards the chorus, the chorus just ruined it for me. I think it’s the song structure that’s the problem for me. But NCT’s vocals and visuals are on point.

Cherry Bomb–NCT 127

This is another example where the instrumental ruins the song for me. But the chorus is also not my favorite. It seemed like a lazy way to do things, but the vocals shine in this for sure. I see you, Doyoung.


I’ve seen a fair amount of criticism for this song, but I still decided to include this since this was so successful. I shared some things I didn’t like about this song in my Lalisa quick thoughts post. But I think what I dislike most about this song is how the instrumental overpowers her vocals. There’s already not a lot going on, and the instrumental doesn’t help.

But Lisa be serving visuals and charisma like always.

Bicycle–CHUNG HA

I’ve never disliked a Chungha song until I heard Bicycle. The lyrics are cringe, the instrumental is terrible, and the chorus is blah. I was so disappointed when this was the title track for her first album.

I don’t know if this shows Chungha’s versatility as an artist since she nailed this vibe and looks in better past releases. Well, at least she looked amazing.

After putting this list together, it’s interesting to see the similarities between the songs. If I put together a list of songs I absolutely adore, I’m sure I would also see some sort of pattern. Anyway, I know these songs received a lot of love and probably a fair amount of criticism.

Now, I’m off to binge Alice in Borderland… again.

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11 thoughts on “Popular Kpop songs that never grew on me

  1. Hahaha, some of these I like, but funnily enough the further I scrolled, the more I agreed with you. ‘Bicycle’ was a forgettable one for me…. SORRY CHUNGHAAAA. But why do I know that objectively ‘LALISA’ is not good, but I constantly have it in my head?

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  2. I Can’t Stop Me is definitely my favorite from this list. I like the reinvention of Twice’s sound, and they sound bold. I agree about the rap. I think that aspect isn’t strong, but it’s whatever. It’s funny though to hear “risky risky wiggy wiggy”. It’s cringe but unforgettable lol

    I agree with your other picks, though Cherry Bomb is interesting enough to listen to.

    Speaking of Alice in Borderland… season 2 please!

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    1. True. I Can’t Stop Me was a nice change on Twice’s sound, and I think it would I like it without the rap or a better rap. You’re right; it is unforgettable but in a bad way… which makes it worse. XD

      I think I’ll keep giving Cherry Bomb a try. The vocals at least grew on me, and I mean… I’m dig the pink suits.

      I’m not sure if Netflix officially confirmed if there’s going to be a season 2 for AIB. If not, I wish they would just do it 😩 i need more Chishiya and Kuina in my life please


  3. I kind of get what you mean, some of them on your list are a hit or miss for people. I liked all the songs you’ve mentioned, cuz it kinda grew on me and then just left.

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      1. Very true! Like I didn’t like LALISA much, she did showcase all of her talents which I loved, but like IDK man, it’s just not my cup of tea. I saw so many posts about how people were disappointed, so it’s clearly a hit or miss.

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      2. Ooooh interesting, and it’s kind of 50/50 between who actually enjoyed the song and who didn’t, I’m just neutral, I kind of like the song, but it never stuck with me.

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