Blog post dump: Current events, updates, and more

I’m in the mood for writing something, but I don’t have anything substantial to create a long enough post. 

So, welcome to my blog post dump, where it’s just a series of random blurbs about anything and everything. 


When it comes to COVID nowadays, it seems like the world is constantly going one step forward and three steps back (hello, Olivia Rodrigo reference.) Most people probably thought (or at least hoped) that the virus would be gone in 2021, but it looks like it’ll be sticking around for a few more years to come. 

In some places, it’s also depressing to see how the front-line workers are being treated, having them take on more and getting little in return. But the ones who truly deserve the gold medal of selfish entitlement are those with no sense of collective responsibility.

Summer Olympics

While I didn’t watch the Olympics, I occasionally kept up with the medal tally. Some of you may know that I identify as Chinese-Canadian, but I cheer for China than Canada. It’s inspiring to see how well they performed in sports that weren’t their strong suit.

Kpop Comebacks

I seldom keep up with Kpop comebacks. I usually listen to them all at once after a while. But this time, I actually kept up with most of them. Below are some of my favourite comebacks this year so far:

  • Butter–BTS
  • Like Water–Wendy
  • Thunderous–Stray Kids
  • Lilac–IU

Wendy and Stray Kids blew me away. I doubt Wendy will have another solo release anytime soon, but I love how her solo showcases her powerful vocals. That’s good enough for me. While Thunderous has stopped growing on me, I still love the entire album. It’ll be on repeat for a long time.

I’m also digging TXT’s sound. I love their fresh, upbeat releases, but this rock vibe hits different. I wonder if they’ll keep going with this or they’ll surprise us with something new. Regardless, they’ll kill it.

Anime Update

The only new anime I remember watching is Cells at Work Season 2 and Jujutsu Kaisen. Cells at Work Season 2 was very similar to the first season, only it focused more on the White Blood Cell. It was a good watch overall. I also loved Jujutsu Kaisen, though I strangely didn’t enjoy the tournament arc as much as other people.

I’ve also been hearing a lot about Tokyo Revengers and Chainsaw Man. I might check those out. Who knows?

I’m looking forward to Mieruko-Chan, a high school student who can see ghosts for upcoming anime releases. I love Another and Ghost Hunt. Hopefully, I’ll love this one too.

Drama Update

I’ve been watching more dramas lately. I wrote a few posts on that, but I’ve yet to write something about Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.

It’s rare for me to keep up with a drama every week since I forget about it. But I love Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha so far. Maybe it’s the vibe of the show. Maybe it’s the story. Maybe it’s the chemistry of the characters. Whatever it is, it gives you a cozy feeling. 

That’s all for my blog post dump. Hopefully, y’all are safe and healthy. I really need to reorganize my tags and categories. The pain.

See Ya Goodbye GIF by Kids' Choice Awards
Is anyone excited for BTS In The Soop 2? Because I am.

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