BTOB ‘Outsider’ Quick Thoughts

I’ve slept on BTOB for years. While I like a few of their songs, they were never a group that I actively checked out… until I started watching Get Real, where one of the members is a host.

I didn’t know what to expect going into this. Even after checking out the MV, I still don’t know what to really think about this. 

While the beginning starts strong, the entire track feels draggy. It sounds like the vocals are driving the track forward, with the instrumental trying to keep up. It’s strange since I’ve never felt this way about a track before. Though, I love the rap verses.

Overall, Outsider sounds redundant. Nothing stood out to me, and the track sounds bland. 

Outsider isn’t my track, but I’m pleasantly surprised at the album overall. I like all the b-sides, a rarity for me; each track also sounds unique. Right now, I’m really digging Dreamer and Traveler.

Maybe this will grow on me. But right now, the best thing about Outsider is the classy vibe they went for.

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