Midway Impressions: Use For My Talent

I’m halfway through this twenty-four-episode drama, and I conclude that this amazing cast needs a better story.


Gu Ren Qi, a man who rarely opens up to others and lives with mysophobia, meets Shi Shuang Jiao, a college senior who lost her mother in a car accident. As they work together in the same company, they began to heal from their wounds.


…Okay, I came off a little strong in the beginning. 

The story is actually not that bad. It’s the typical run-of-the-mill romantic comedy with familiar tropes and cookie-cutter characters. So let’s start with the premise.

Shuang Jiao is a senior college student who works multiple part-time jobs. Nevertheless, she manages to get a job at Ren Qi’s AI company that specializes in AI cleaning products in their “Manual Cleaning Department.” Yeah, I know that look on your face right now.

Why does a company that specializes in AI cleaning products need an entire department of janitors? Their job is to provide cleaning services to the company and their clients. Let me repeat again: The company specializes in AI cleaning products.

Let’s move on to the characters.

Gu Ren Qi is the classic cold-hearted CEO. Shi Shuang Jiao is the familiar kind and hard-working female lead. The vibe reminds me of a Webtoon, and I love it and hate it at the same time. I don’t know why, but I think if this was a Webtoon, I would probably enjoy it more.

I can firmly say that I’m not a huge fan of Ren Qi or Shuang Jiao’s characters. There’s no realism in them at all.

Ren Qi is the CEO of a cleaning company that has all the time in the world to “pursue” Shuang Jiao. And because he’s never been in love before, his actions come off as childish, which is supposed to be comedic. There’s a line that Ren Qi says that is borderline sexist that is along the lines of Shuang Jiao being in charge of his home. Maybe I’m being too sensitive, but that didn’t sit well with me.

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Shuang Jiao is just… weird. She’s a college student who eventually works as Ren Qi’s personal cleaning assistant in his house. Yeah. Girl, just get a better job. I know you must stay for the sake of the plot, but like… you need some major character development.

I don’t know what Ren Qi sees in her and vice versa. Their childish qualities are supposed to be endearing and comedic, but it crosses the line. As a CEO, Ren Qi apparently doesn’t have anything better to do than keep tabs on Shuang Jiao. While some parts are cute, it sucks away the realism. 

Nothing about this story feels real. This boils down to personal preference, but I prefer stories with a balance. This one is like I’m rewatching my teenage daydreams.

Use For My Talent Review - Jasper Liu And Shen Yue Pairing

The good part is that it’s not only about the main leads. The side characters have stories and romance of their own. Unfortunately, it’s not that interesting, but it’s bearable. 

Before I finish this, I have to mention the love triangle. It’s a rom-com. What do you expect? But this love triangle makes me want to tear my hair out.

Lu Xian is a therapist who was acquainted with Shuang Jiao’s father. Lu Xian meets her when she mistakes him for a driver, and he drives her home. The funny thing is that Lu Xian is actually Ren Qi’s ex-therapist. Ren Qi and Lu Xian’s “fights” over Shuang Jiao are strictly for comedic purposes. Still, none of it is funny because it’s just immature. She must be a brick wall if she couldn’t pick up on the hints.

I’ll end this review by saying that I love the cast of this show. It’s my first time watching Jasper Liu, and he is a fine, fine man.

It’s my second time watching Shen Yue on screen and she is super talented. I hope she gets more mature and challenging roles in the future. It would be awesome if she plays a darker character.

I get butterflies when he has those intimate moments with Shuang Jiao. But I also cringe at the same time because of how cheesy it is. However, they have chemistry.

This drama isn’t a breakthrough for rom-coms nor is it profound in its themes and message. If you want to watch something just to kill time, you might enjoy this one.

As for me, I’m still curious about where the story is going to go. They are already in a relationship at this point. But I’ll likely be skipping here and there just to get to the end. And, of course, for the eye candy.

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