Stray Kids ‘Thunderous’ Quick Thoughts

I wasn’t planning on writing a post today, but this comeback was too godly to not write about it.

Stray Kids has always blown me away with their music and performance. They are the definition of a performance group. But this comeback is on another level. I didn’t know what to expect since I went into this song blind. Wow, what a surprise. But I knew Stray Kids wouldn’t disappoint. And they blew my expectations away.

While I’m not a huge fan of pure rap, I will vibe to the next year with this song. I love that they start with the strong rap and turn it down a notch before that strong beat drop that made my heart scream. 

This song is so unique. It vaguely reminds me of God’s Menu, a song that took a while to grow on me. But the mix of modern pop and traditional instruments makes this song so memorable that it hooks you in on the first listen. It’s a pleasant spin on typical anthem songs. And, of course, the vocals. Felix’s voice is perfect for the beat drop. 

I’m making my way through the album. From what I heard so far, this album is so thunderous that everyone will still be feeling the aftershocks years after the release. This is what you call a proper album release.

Stray Kids really stepped it up. You can feel the amount of effort into this album, and I’m definitely looking forward to their promotions. 

On a fangirl note: I’m so happy to hear Felix getting more lines in this. I died.

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