Monthly music mania: Kim Donghan shines with this Idea of a song

To have some consistency of song reviews on this blog, I’ll post thoughts on a song I’m obsessed with every month called ‘Monthly music mania’. So creative. Maybe you’ll find a new jam or question my song choices. We’ll see.

Idea by Kim Donghan came on at random on my daily Spotify mixes. Before the song got to the chorus, I was like: what song is this? Who sings this? I have to know. And lo’ and behold, I had a new repeat song.

I love everything about this song, but especially the instrumental and adlibs. It’s an interesting arrangement, and I strangely love the slight pause before the chorus.

The song itself is simple. Though the arrangement does switch it up slightly between the first and second verse, everything else is really consistent. There’s a great balance between vocals and instrumental, allowing each to shine on its own.

Idea also gave me a little bit of Taemin vibes. While I’m not an avid listener of Taemin’s music, I love this song. There’s something about the combination of the synth chords and vocals that gets me in the chorus.

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