Red Velvet ‘Queendom’ Quick Thoughts

I knew that Red Velvet was making a comeback, but I went into this song blind. While I saw a few teaser posters, the name Queendom reminded me of a darker concept. So I was curious where this comeback was going to go.

Queendom turns out to be an upbeat track with a summer vibe. While I love the chorus, I think the second half could be stronger to give the song more originality. It reduces the song to just a typical happy, bubblegum track. But it gets stuck in your head pretty fast. Overall, the highlight for me is Wendy’s high note.

I don’t know what it is, but I also feel like something is missing to really make this song pop. It feels like it relies too heavily on the chorus, making the other parts easily forgettable. 

Overall, I like the song. It’s fun, happy, and groovy. I also love the MV colours and the ending outfits. Lastly, I’m glad to see Wendy back with the group and Irene back in the spotlight. 

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