So Not Worth It is worth a shot

I didn’t know what to expect going into this show. However, the plot sounded simple and funny, and that was exactly what I got.


The story revolves around a group of college kids from different ethnic backgrounds at a university in South Korea.


So Not Worth It is like a conservative, younger, and diverse version of Friends. There’s even a laugh track.

What I love most about the show are the fun vibe and the bright colours. The cast is also brilliant. 

What’s interesting about this show is that there’s not really a plot. Sort of. The episodes jump back and forth between the students; sometimes their story overlaps, and sometimes they don’t. It felt like the writers didn’t have a specific direction of where they wanted to take the story and just went with the flow. And, well, it strangely works. 

Is sitcom 'So Not Worth It' worth watching? What to expect in this new  K-series

The characters are also exaggerated, especially Minnie and Sam. While I don’t usually like exaggerated characters, these guys make it work. It’s funny to see what weird and crazy things they get themselves into. The cast chemistry is also great. Jamie is also the cutest.

My only “critique” is the ending to season one. It was so abrupt. But then again, I couldn’t see where they could end it since there wasn’t a linear plot. So they had to end it somewhere. 

If So Not Worth It gets renewed for a second season, I hope they would focus on character development since there was none in season one. It’s just everyone having fun and getting into crazy but entertaining situations. Though this would probably mean shifting the show’s vibe slightly, I hope they somehow keep this bright energy.

If you want something silly to watch for the weekend, give this one a shot. Put away your brain and watch them fall in love, deliver corny lines, and make fun of themselves.

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