BTS ‘Permission to Dance’ Quick Thoughts

BTS gives us permission to dance to their new track, but I’m not sure if everyone will be dancing.

What I love about this is the vibe. It’s reminiscent of Dynamite and Butter, two tracks that I’m still bobbing to. The music video made me smile, and I’m not complaining about the looks BTS served throughout this song.

The song itself is groovy, and I love the chorus and J-hope’s verse. However, this song didn’t hit as hard like Butter and Dynamite. I still enjoyed it, but the message and concept is getting old.

What I didn’t like about this was the heavy vocal processing. I’m no music expert, but their voices did not sound natural, especially RM, Suga, and J-hope. While I understand that some vocal processing is needed in certain aspects, but at least try to hide it a little.

BTS has already proven that they can deliver quality sugar-pop songs. Now, I’m hoping for an English song with depth and meaning like their Korean tracks. This could be their next challenge, and I’m curious to see if they’ll ever do something like this.

As a side note, I think BTS should tread carefully with their next English tracks.

Overall, I like Permission to Dance. Though, it does feel manufactured, something that’s made for radio and nothing else, but BTS manages to make it fun.

6 thoughts on “BTS ‘Permission to Dance’ Quick Thoughts

  1. I also noticed that rap line’s vocals didn’t sound natural. That’s why I’m waiting for their live performances, in my opinion, I like their live versions more than the recorded ones. Overall, it’s such a great song and I’m sure it’ll break the charts. I hope they’ll release something like Spring Day in English soon! 💜💜💜

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  2. I like this song quite a bit, though I would like BTS to return to singing in Korean and tackle another genre. I said it another blog, but I would like them to do a j-rock concept. It’s unrealistic, but it’s an interesting idea.

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      1. I think rock can greatly let out their early, boisterous image, like a throwback to Boy in Luv. Just hope it doesn’t contain any vocal processing. Also, I don’t know about you, but to me, PTD’s chorus kind of reminds me of TVXQ’s Balloons chorus.

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