Midway Impressions: Horimiya

What? Am I watching anime again? First Jujutsu Kaisen and now Horimiya? I never thought this day would come.

But here we are. After finishing Jujutsu Kaisen, I saw Horimiya’s trailer on Netflix and thought I’d give it a try.


Hori Kyouko and Miyamura Izumi are complete opposites. However, a fateful meeting between them leads them to see each other’s different persona that they hide from the public. As they continue to share this side of themselves, they become friends and eventually develop feelings for each other.


I went into this with no expectations. But I quickly loved the art and the general vibe of this anime.

Kyouko is an interesting character. I think she was supposed to be a “girl boss” character, but she feels bland.

Her persona at school and at home are the same. Just her hairstyle is more casual at home. The only trait I like about her so far is that she isn’t as oblivious or naive as other heroines. Though, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that she has a good head on her shoulders.

However, Miyamura is a “secret delinquent.” At school, he’s seen as an otaku because of his shy personality. Yet, he has piercings and tattoos, which (I think) were done as a reflection of his unhappiness and a front to hide his unconfident self.

Miyamura’s true personality isn’t different from his public image. Even around Hori, he’s still a timid guy. The only difference is that she knows about his tattoos and piercings. Being with Kyouko helped Miyamura’s confidence since he could make friends and fit in with the class.

While that was cute, I would’ve loved to see Miyamura’s individual self-love development. Miyamura’s “confidence” is all thanks to Hori and none special or unique to him. Now that I think about it, his character really revolved around Hori and satisfying her. So far, at least.

The love story is cute, but there isn’t much to it. It’s very straightforward, with a few misunderstandings sprinkled here and there, but nothing that strains and brings depth to their relationship.

Miyamura goes to Hokkaido for five days, and his phone dies. Hori goes into a mini panic and eagerly waits for him to come back. And, when he does, their reunion is so unnecessarily dramatic.

I don’t get it. Why is this emphasized?

I would like to see their characters develop individually and see how their dynamic changes because of it. Right now, there doesn’t seem to be any character development.

Also, what is up with Hori’s parents? Hori’s mom is like an airhead, while her dad is like a comic relief character. I would’ve liked to see them having some kind of conversation with their daughter on relationships. This would make their family relationship more cohesive rather than empty characters that wholeheartedly support their daughter’s relationship for whatever reason.

That aside, I like the side characters so far. They have their own stories and appear to have more depth than the main characters themselves.

I think Horimiya had the potential to tackle a lot of youth and societal issues.

Miyamura’s character alone could have been a great example of not judging someone by their appearance and themes of depression, isolation, and self-acceptance. But his character was watered down… a lot. As a side note, I liked Miyamura’s longer hair with his piercings and tattoos better than his new shorter hair look.

Another theme the show could’ve tackled was sexual awakenings. In episode 7, it’s implied that Miyamura and Kyouko have sex. While I don’t know if this has implications later in the anime, in the manga (spoiler alert!), they end up having a kid after graduating high school? Uh… Yeah… moving on.

I know that there’s a marriage proposal coming. However, as much as I would’ve loved to gush about this upcoming moment, I’m not really convinced because Hori and Miyamura have zero development as a couple so far. And, like, realistically… high school? Really?

So far, I don’t love or hate the anime. Don’t take it seriously, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you love shoujo.

8 thoughts on “Midway Impressions: Horimiya

  1. Man, I had a completely different opinion of the series so it was really interesting reading your thoughts. I do agree that retrospectively, the series tried to tackle a lot of modern issues but didn’t really manage to address anything. I wonder if I was in high school what my thoughts would have been on this series.

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  2. I agree that Hori’s parents are written weirdly – especially since Hori clearly has abandonment issues but she seems to just get along with them without any problem throughout the show? Otherwise, I do really like the side characters as well!

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