Your Kpop playlist quick wrap-up thoughts

I never thought I would get the number of responses I did for this project. It was awesome getting to know some of you more and meeting new bloggers. So, thank you to everyone who participated!

Despite some differences, there was a unified consensus on self-love regarding romantic relationships, which was amazing to see.

I want to point out something I noticed throughout this project.

As I read responses, I noticed that there’s usually a song that clicks with a person. I don’t need to think; sometimes, I don’t even finish reading to associate the song with that person.

So, I thought I would share some songs from playlists that had this special connection. These songs were usually the first ones mentioned.

  1. Una – Magic Shop by BTS
  2. asic – Idol by BTS
  3. Ree – Pretty Savage by Blackpink
  4. Eggsandwich04 – Do Re Mi by SEVENTEEN
  5. hiddengirl75 – Dear Me by Taeyeon
  6. Marilita – Do or Not by Pentagon

Now that the project is over, I’ll be going back to my character Kpop playlists. While those focused on anime characters, I’ll expand to include Webtoon and game characters.

See you next post~

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