First Impressions: Oh My Boss! Love Not Included

Suzuki Nami follows her childhood friend, Kenya, and applies for a job in Tokyo. She gets hired by the company but works as a secretary in the fashion editorial department instead.

Her boss and the chief editor of an upcoming fashion magazine, Horai Reiko, has a cold personality and treats Nami in an insensitive manner. As Nami watches her boss deal with her job, her work attitude starts to change.

I started this drama because Kamishiraishi Mone was the main lead. I’ve been loving her stuff lately, and the plot sounded interesting, so I gave it a shot.

What I love about this so far is Nami’s character development. She’s still clumsy and ditzy, but it doesn’t take her long (and by long, I mean like a couple of episodes) to turn her work attitude around.

In the first two episodes, she’s constantly reprimanded by Reiko. It’s refreshing to see Reiko so hard on her because Nami had her head in the clouds when she first came to Tokyo.

But because of this, Nami was able to change. Not a lot, but it’s a start. Whoever cast Nanao as Reiko is brilliant. Her attitude and demeanour are perfect for the role. She’s also gorgeous.

So far, the drama is nothing groundbreaking. While Nami liked her childhood friend, she meets Junnosuke (Jun), a cameraman and Reiko’s younger brother. When Nami was going through a hard time, he was the one who was there for her. (Where have I seen this pattern before?)

Jun asks Nami to pretend to be his girlfriend for a while to get his parents to stop asking him to matchmaking parties. Nami agrees because Jun had previously helped her. I like that Nami broke things off with him quickly.

After getting a cold, hard slap back to reality, she knows that she needs to face her current obstacles. While she developed feelings for Jun, she still breaks things off with him because she knows it’s not real.

Regardless, they remain friends… kind of. Nami avoids him for a while, but obviously he keeps coming back into her life.

Another thing I like about this is Reiko’s potential love story. She clearly has a thing for the vice-president, and it’s cute to see another side of her.

What I don’t like about this so far is the love triangle that’s starting to manifest. Nami helps her male co-worker, Nakazawa Ryota, which ends in the two becoming civil with each other.

In the beginning, Ryota looked down on Nami because she knew nothing about fashion. But now, it seems like Ryota developed feelings for her… over this one thing. It’s cliché, and I wish this love triangle will end soon because not every guy she helps needs to fall in love with her. Really.

I also don’t like how the drama uses the side characters to emphasize how “desirable” Nami is. For example, Nami, Jun, Ryota, and Izumi (Nami’s co-worker) goes on a trip. It seems like Izumi is just there for the Nami, Jun, Ryota love triangle to flourish. No one pays her any attention besides Nami.

Give the girl some spotlight too.

Now, this last thing is minor, but I still want to mention it. When Nami attends a Jimmy Choo party, she meets her childhood friend, Kenya, again. Now, this is after Kenya gets married. He sees how “attractive” Nami becomes and attempts to drag her out to go on a date.

Um. What the actual f–

I really didn’t like how Kenya was used as a convenient tool to get Jun to “rescue” Nami. This was so sudden and random. And it seems like Kenya and Nami had a good relationship initially, even though he’s a minor character. It felt like the writers just needed someone to cause a scene to push Nami and Jun’s “relationship” further.

If it was just a random guy, it probably wouldn’t bother me as much.

To end this on a high note, I am overall enjoying this so far. It’s light-hearted and fun. I can see that they’re trying to drag out the Jun and Nami “relationship” as much as possible, but it’s bearable. Plus, I think another character is going to join in on the fun soon.

But the best thing about this drama so far is Reiko’s fashion.

She gives me Seo Ye Ji from It’s Okay to not be Okay vibes.

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