A gift for Fishyy: Fishyy’s Kpop playlist

A huge thank you to Fishyy for supporting this project! Sushi over at sushiiwithsoysauce is just bagging all writers because Fishyy is an upcoming writer on the blog soon!

Note: If I got your personal pronouns wrong, please let me know!

Enjoy your playlist, Fishyy!

I Wait – Day6

When I first started this project, I wasn’t expecting to have so many Day6 songs. But here we are. I’ve talked about my love for this group numerous times, but this song is one of the ones I discovered before I really got into the group.

This song talks about waiting for that special someone to make a decision. In another interpretation, it could also be about being stuck in this push and pull when having a crush on someone.

Fishyy mentioned that he’ll wait and rely on his future when deciding whether or not to chase a dream. I interpreted this as sitting down and thinking rationally about all possibilities.

When making a huge decision such as this, I assume anyone would be in this push and pull situation where you’re lured by the possible outcomes but hesitating because of everything that can go wrong.

Power – EXO

When will we get an OT9 comeback from this iconic group? I know that EXO is making a comeback soon, but I know some members are still in the military… and I don’t know if Lay will participate.

Power takes you on a rollercoaster ride; the MV is so creative, and I love how it incorporates these video game elements. It’s a super fun concept.

Fishyy mentioned that he likes playing video games. Why not jam to Power while you’re at it?


I was shocked that GFRIEND left their company. It was so sudden. I only recently got into them with their recent comeback, so I feel a little sad. But I wish these talented girls the best.

This song sounds like it could be for a fun magical girl or school anime. Fishyy mentioned that he likes anime, so why not drop a fun Kpop song that sounds like an anime opening?

Lie – T-ARA

Man, I miss T-ARA. Their discography was great, and they were one of the strongest second generation groups out there. This song is definitely an old one, but it’s still a bop nonetheless.

Fishyy mentioned to not lie to someone you’re interested in. Well, this song talks about a lover that did lie and its heartbreaking consequences.

As a side note, I miss these storyline MVs that seem to be rarity in Kpop nowadays.


K.A.R.D’s early hits were so good. This one is no exception.

The song talks about hearing all of these rumors about a past lover having found someone else. It’s super catchy, and I love the latin vibe in this.

Fishyy mentioned that he’ll probably wait for something to happen if rumors start to go around about him. I felt like this song would be a good representation of the inner turmoil of hearing rumors about you, regardless of what it’s about.

I hope you found a song you enjoy!

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