BTS ‘Butter’ Quick Thoughts

BTS is back and ready to dominate the charts.

I didn’t know what to expect for this release, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high. Before the chorus hit, I was already convinced that this was a solid hit. It’s such a fun song that motivates you to get up and dance.

Like Dynamite, Butter is a fun song with no deep meanings attached. But I do like the lyrics better than Dynamite. The song is flirtatious, sexy, and bright all at once. And I am 1000% here for it.

Can we also talk about the aesthetic? The scene where they dance on a waffle-like platform sporting black or gold suits was so aesthetically pleasing, my heart melted (like butter). I also love the elevator scenes where each member got to shine a few seconds.

Finally, I love that Jin got more lines and screen time. I feel like he shined the most in this comeback, and I am all for it. And Suga’s rap verse? I needed a moment to breathe.

It took one listen for Butter to worm its way into my head, so now I’ll be bopping to this song for a long time. I am looking forward to the mind-blowing live performances which will probably be more explosive than Dynamite.

You ain’t smooth like Butter if you aren’t streaming~

14 thoughts on “BTS ‘Butter’ Quick Thoughts


    i like this song ngl and the aesthetics are on point~ ( i still can’t get over bighit changing their name to “hybe” and i always sigh when the iconic intro is nowhere to be seen rip)

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  2. You ain’t smooth like butter if you aren’t streaming 😂 💯~ loved the post!!!!! Agreed with everything and yes love the light lyrics! I too like it better than dynamite 🎆

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  3. I definitely prefer this rather than Dynamite. I feel like this is more BTS’ sound, for some reason. Also, can we appreciate that there’s not much vocal processing here?!

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