Spill the tea: Is flirting an art?

Here’s a topic I never thought I would write about. What led me to write this? No idea(s). Get it? Okay, moving on.

I’m almost certain that many people talked about this topic before. Get Real, one of my favourite podcasts, shared their opinions on flirting and how they flirt. 

I think flirting is a touchy subject in that it’s very subjective. I’ve heard stories about people talking about how they missed cues or why the person they are trying to flirt with keeps missing the hints.

Is it just me, or is flirting one of those things that everyone else can see except the person involved. It’s like an intuitive sixth sense we develop, but we are oblivious when it comes to ourselves.

It may be a defence mechanism. We are pretty sure it’s happening, but we don’t want to jump to conclusions because we may embarrass ourselves if we’re wrong. So we wait and see, which can have its consequences.

I think the fun thing about flirting is that it’s unique. Ideally, everyone should have an individual style, which makes it harder to differentiate. But that’s what makes it fun. Though, there are some common hints like being overly touchy or “flirting” with your eyes.

If I’m interested in someone, I would naturally try to get to know them a lot more. I don’t like forced conversations or purposefully going places where I think this person would go. So, I probably wouldn’t be interested in someone who did something like that.

But there’s a time and place to take it a step further to let someone know that you’re interested. Though, it would be up to your judgement to decide.

Flirting is like a game. Everyone is different in how they perceive, accept, or decline advances. So, sometimes we win some, and sometimes we lose some. But it’s important to keep it real and keep it you.

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