A gift for Kira: Kira’s Kpop playlist

A huge thank you to Kira for supporting this project! Kira is a writer at Sushiiiwithsoysauce. They do anything and everything anime! Their blog is also aesthetically pleasing.

Kira mentioned that he listens to a lot of rock bands, so I thought I would do a Kpop band special! Let’s give some bands some love.

Enjoy your playlist, Kira!

Red – The Rose

I fell on the train late. I didn’t know about The Rose until this year. Better late than never. They have an awesome discography, and I hope they continue making great music in the future.

As soon as I heard Red, I fell in love with it. The instrumental is gold, and the music video is also so fun. The message of Red appears to be staying true to yourself and rising above whatever’s thrown at you. It’s a perfect song for those chasing their dreams.

As a side note, this song has been on constant repeat since I discovered it.

Love Me or Leave Me – Day6

You can’t mention K-rock without mentioning Day6.

Love Me or Leave Me talks about deciding whether to continue or end a relationship. The agony of staying in a loveless relationship.

I associated the lyrics with Kira’s response to love: make sure someone sees you at your best and worst. I think we’re always unconsciously making a decision whether a relationship is worth it or not. Can you stand this person at their worst? Well, it’s either love them or leave them.

Snooze – Lucy

LUCY is so underrated it hurts. Their sound is so unique, and they are so talented with a bomb discography.

Snooze talks about entering adulthood and wondering where their childhood went. I feel like this song can also apply to friendships. One person growing out of a friendship they had since childhood, but he won’t wait for the other person since they’re on different paths.

Kira talked about calling out an ex-friend who wronged him. Clearly, there’s no remorse and the friendship is no longer there.

As a side note, I love how they had a violin solo for this song.

Severely – FT Island

Holy moly. I remember listening to this song religiously when it first came out. I think FT Island was my first introduction to K-rock, and they really did the genre justice. No one can beat 2nd gen Kpop groups, I tell you.

Anyway, Severely is about the inner turmoil of trying to get over someone. The MV is literally a K-drama… where even if you follow traffic rules, someone still ends up getting hurt. Love makes us do crazy things sometimes and is often not logical at all… the complete opposite of Kira’s personality type: INTP-T.

Loner – CN Blue

Oh My God, CN Blue. This feels so nostalgic and really takes me back.

Loner is a sad love song. It talks about being alone when your ex has someone else. Despite the lyrics, it’s pretty upbeat. Anyway, love comes and goes. And sometimes it’s best to be alone… a quality of introverts.

This playlist makes me want to listen to CN Blue and FT Island again.

Anyway, I hope you found a song that you enjoy!

If anyone is interested in taking part in this project, please click the link below to fill out the form!

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3 thoughts on “A gift for Kira: Kira’s Kpop playlist

  1. thax for the playlist bro! Its rly cool! I really like Day6 and CNBlue havent listened to them in a while lol thx for reminding me of them.

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