If Kpop groups were an anime high school club (part 2)

There’s a part one to this two-part series.

TWICE – Cheerleading Squad

TWICE was already a cheerleading squad for their Cheer Up comeback. Mina would probably be in charge of doing most of the stunts.

Stray Kids – Cooking Club

This idea came to me because of their dance for God’s Menu. And I mean… I wouldn’t mind cooking with Stray Kids. XD

ITZY – Dance Club

ITZY’s performances are always mind-blowing. They probably have one of the most tedious choreographies for their comebacks. But they slay every time.

I would love to see them do something more elegant like ballet. That would be cool if they can incorporate that in their choreography.

ATEEZ – Events Club

ATEEZ’s music videos are so creative and unique. Each concept also seems like it has a distinct colour to them as well. Wonderland stuck with darker tones while Fireworks (I’m the One) had a brighter tone while giving off a fierce vibe. These guys would be in charge of planning and executing the school’s events.

SHINee/Super Junior/BtoB – The Cool Seniors Club

While this wouldn’t be an official club, SHINee, SuJu, and BtoB would be known as the cool seniors of the school that take care of their hoobaes (juniors).

ASTRO – Astronomy Club

I’ll excuse myself out now.

Bonus: Chungha – School counselor

Chungha mentioned in an interview she would be a therapist if she wasn’t a singer. I can see it.

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