Kpop songs that would work as anime openings

The anime openings that I know of are upbeat with a strong instrumental. Some of my favourite anime openings are Make You Free from Prince of Tennis, Try Again from Detective Conan, and Yura Yura from Naruto.

After listening to many Kpop songs and their Japanese counterparts, I think a few songs would work perfectly as an anime opening.

The list contains Korean songs and Japanese versions of their original Korean counterparts.

Time of Our Life – Day6

Time of Our Life is happy and upbeat. The instrumental is amazing and shows how insanely talented Day6 is. When I first heard the Korean version, I could instantly picture this for a sports or slice-of-life anime. When the Japanese version came out, I was sold.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. Someone used this song to recreate an opening for Haikyuu! It’s pretty good, so check it out!

Run To You – Seventeen

Run to You sounds old school to me. When the chorus hits, I imagined this as a fun shoujo anime with themes about romance and friendship. I love the bridge and the instrumental for this song.

Pretty U – Seventeen

This song is so cute and happy. If Pretty U was an opening for an anime, the anime would be about male idols. Something similar to Uta no Prince Sama, but the main characters would be a little younger.

Danger – BTS

This song took a while to grow on me, but I couldn’t stop humming it once it did. I could picture this song for an anime that’s on the darker side. It would be a good song for an anime about a gang of delinquents finding their way in life or some kind of intense sport.

On a side note, I think BTS has a lot of great Japanese songs for an ending themes.

What is Love – TWICE

The list wouldn’t be complete without a TWICE song. This song screams shoujo with the most straightforward plot ever. Our innocent, naive protagonist is starting her first year of high school in a new city and has her first crush on a boy. It’ll be full of rainbows and fluffy goodness.

Joyful – NiziU

This is kind of cheating. NiziU isn’t really a Kpop group, even though they are under JYP Entertainment. Their songs are mostly in Japanese, I believe, and they target the Japanese market. But they do have songs in Korean.

As soon as this started, I was reminded of a cute school anime.

Out of all the songs on the list, I think Time of Our Life and Run to You would work best as openings. They just have this… feel to them that I can’t explain. Anyway, do you have a favourite song on this list? Or any other songs you think would work as anime openings?

5 thoughts on “Kpop songs that would work as anime openings

  1. Time of Our Life and Run To You work so well! ☆ Love both of those songs.

    I think GFriend’s Time for the moon night would also work well? It has that vibe haha, as well as VIXX’s Depend on me (from their first Japanese studio album).

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