Which Kpop Group Would Specialize in What Game Category from Alice in Borderland?

This post is based on the games in Alice in Borderland. In this manga-turned live-action film, people are transported to a seemingly post-apocalyptic-like parallel world and must play games to survive.

The type of game people play is determined by the card. So, this post explores which Kpop groups would excel at what kind of game.

I finished watching this amazing series, and I’m suffering from so much withdrawal that I need to write something creative about it.


Diamonds represent intelligence games. These games involve a lot of logic, rationality, numbers, math, and probability. Diamond games are strategic and often involve only one winner.


As BTS’s rose to fame, it’s no secret that they’ve faced many challenges. A wrong step could cost them their careers. Whatever obstacle the group came across, they’ve handled it in stride, which I think is a big reason for their current success.

It seems like all of the members are street smart. BTS’s leader, RM, has an IQ of 148 and apparently, he did extremely well in school. With a group like BTS, they have the best of both worlds.

Epik High

I’m a casual fan of Epik High. These guys are veterans in the industry, which I would assume they have tons of wisdom about the industry and life in general. Epik High’s leader, Tablo, apparently got a Bachelors’s and a Master’s in just three years.


Spades represent physical strength, speed, endurance, and dexterity. These games involve little intelligence or teamwork.


ITZY’s performances are always so energetic that I feel out of breath just by watching them. These girls are powerful dancers. I would say that they’re one of the strongest dance teams in the industry. Of course, their teamwork is no joke as their dances are incredibly synchronized.


These guys could easily be bodybuilders, especially Taecyeon. If you haven’t seen the CABI song music video with Girls’ Generation, watch it. That should be enough to convince you that these guys would ace the Spades games.


In 2012, SISTAR consecutively won four gold medals for the relay race. I think Bora is also a record holder for the 50m and 100m relay. I’ve seen these girls dance for long periods of time in heels, which I think is more than enough to prove their endurance.


Clubs are a game of teamwork and balance.

Based on this, almost every Kpop group should fall under this category. Teamwork is a hallmark of Kpop, and it’ll likely stay that way for a long time.


NCT has enough members to run a small company. Hm, where have I heard that before? Anyway, with a large group like this, teamwork is so much more important. Their Resonance music video proved that they can make a large group work. While I wasn’t a fan of their song, I was blown away by their performance and synchronicity with 23 members.

They also achieve a great balance in their subunits. Kudos to Mark, though. He’s debuted in all subunits, and he’s also a member of Super M. The man works hard.


Like NCT, Seventeen also has quite a few members. 13 members are divided into three subunits. Seventeen’s been active for a while now, and I’m a little surprised that no one’s left the group after this long.

With a group this big, I’m sure they had their fair share of disputes. But they’re still going strong, which shows how solid their teamwork must be.

As a side note, I’m always amazed at their practice videos.


Hearts are psychological games. They require players to play with the feelings of other players. Hearts are the most difficult games and the most cruel.

Rather than thinking that Heart games require you to be a malicious mastermind. True aces of these games are emotionally intelligent.


SHINee is an another group veteran in the industry. After all they’ve been through, SHINee’s proven to face and overcome obstacles head on. I love Key, especially, and I think he would just win with his sassiness.

Girls’ Generation

SM artists went through a lot back in the day. Girls’ Generation also had their fair share of emotional hardships throughout the career, especially Taeyeon. But they powered through, and now they’re an icon in the Kpop industry. There wouldn’t be Kpop without Girls’ Generation.

To see these groups compete against each other in an Alice in Borderland game would definitely be interesting. Y’know, just without the dying part.

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