Blast to the past: PC games I played back in the day

Time flies.

I thought I would introduce some old PC games I played when I was in junior high and high school to talk more about games on my blog. I played a bunch of games with friends and made some online friends, one of which I recently got back in touch with. Here are some of the main games I remember.

Well of Souls

I believe this game was the first game I ever played. Well of Souls is an RPG game where you fight monsters, do quests, and level up. I remember my friends and I would schedule a time to log on and play while chatting on MSN.

I forgot all of the mechanics of the game, but I’m pretty sure it was turn-based. You could also choose to play solo or with friends. I remember this game was really popular back in the day.


Audition is a dance and rhythm game where you can play solo or online. You create an avatar, play against friends or other people, and buy items to make your avatar look pretty.

You can do team challenges or couple dances, which requires you to compete against an NPC or with others to win points.

It was easy to tell who was a newbie and a “pro” based on the avatar alone. I remember I really liked the fashion in this game. And they had some pretty good songs too.

My friends and I would spend an afternoon just customizing our avatars. I really enjoyed this game, and it’s bringing back all the nostalgic feels.

Ragnarok Online

Everyone knows Ragnarok. It’s one of the most popular RPG games ever, even until now. There are tons of free servers that you can play on. As long as you find a high-rate server and a friend or two to help you level, you can get your character to the maximum level quickly.

This game left a deep impression on me. It was the one that I stuck with the longest. I met some pretty cool people on this game, and we were in the same guild.

When I first wanted to play this game, I tried the original Ragnarok Online on a crappy computer. That was a HUGE mistake. I think my computer almost ended up in flames. Literally. Because it started smoking.

Since then, I moved to a free server with friends, and everything was smooth sailing from there. My go-to class was an archer. Heck, I’m starting to miss the baby archer that I worked so hard for.


I have mixed feelings about this game. Mabinogi is your classic RPG game, except your character doesn’t have to be human. You can create a giant or elf if you want.

The clothing and pets in this game were pretty cool. There are a lot of things you can do too. Besides levelling up your character, you can create spirits (or something along those lines) for your weapons, making them glow. Those essentially make your weapon stronger.

What’s interesting is that your character also ages each week. As they grow older, they also grow taller and more difficult to level up. I guess this was a money-making tactic since you can “rebirth” or “reborn” your character that makes them easier to level.

Ragnarok Online is by far the one game I miss the most. Audition is a close second.

Time really flies.

None of my friends and I play these games anymore, but there were times where we reminisced about the good ‘ol days.

6 thoughts on “Blast to the past: PC games I played back in the day

  1. For me it was Runescape. Even up until 2018 at latest I was still playing it and met a lot of cool folks and made a lot of in-game cash there too lol. These days I’m not much of a gamer, being to preoccupied with work and all, but good times indeed. 😆

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