A gift for Sushiiiwithsoysauce: Sushiiiwithsoysauce’s Kpop playlist

A huge thank you to Sushiiiwithsoysauce for supporting this project! Sushiiiwithsoysauce is a popular anime, webtoon, and manga blogger! I’ve talked with her a few times, and she’s a pleasure to talk to. As a side note, I love her new blog banner.

Sushiiiwithsoysauce is the first to mention that she’s new to Kpop, so I’m excited to give you a bombtastic list of songs from talented artists that you’ll hopefully enjoy.

Kpop has seriously evolved, and I thought it would be fun to combine a list of the most recent releases with some classic favourites.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your Kpop playlist, Sushi! I hope you don’t mind the nickname.

Coin – IU

I’ve been dying to put this song in someone’s playlist. This song is a bit different from IU’s usual style, but she kills it. Coin is a fun and funky song, while the music video reminds me of a party in Vegas.

Coin talks about being a risk-taker and giving it everything you’ve got. I don’t think you need me to say what Sushi put as her response to taking risks.

Spider – Hoshi

Spider has a sexy vibe that reminds me of wine, red lipstick, and suits. That would be the aesthetic I would choose for this song.

Sushi’s love advice would be to ensure that the person you’re interested in is trustworthy. Spider’s vibe and the lyrics are essentially flirting with danger or someone that’s potentially “dangerous.”

When you get caught up in your own feelings, you sometimes don’t realize what’s happening. So, rather than choosing this song to represent Sushi’s answers, it talks about what could go wrong when you become too infatuated with someone you don’t really know.

Love is Move – Secret

Secret is a gem that’s one of the many groups that had terrible management. They had an awesome discography, and this song was one of my many favourites from them.

Love is Move is a disco dance track that’s perfect for working out. It talks about treating your significant other well and how quickly emotions change when it comes to love.

Sushi mentioned in her answers that you should treat the other person well when it comes to love. And these girls definitely get the message across in a fun way.

No More Perfume On You – TEEN TOP

The lyrics to this song are… bad. And by bad, I mean that they sing about cheating on someone. Now, before you throw hands at me, give me a sentence or two to explain.

There’s good and bad to love. And this is obviously to represent the latter, which I found fitting to be a good song to represent the opposite of Sushi’s response.

The song is amazingly catchy, so… I hope that makes up for its crappy lyrics. But I swear you’ll get addicted on the first listen.


I saved the best for last. If you’re an OG Kpop fan, you must know this song. 2NE1 had so much potential.

This song explains itself. The reason why I chose this song for Sushi is her simple, straightforward response to someone who’s done her wrong.

Just ignore them.

Like a true girl boss.

I’m curious if people prefer the old Kpop sound or the new Kpop sound. Of course, these songs can’t be a good sample of what’s out there now and what was out in the past, but I found that old Kpop songs had more originality.

Anyway, I hope you found something you enjoy, Sushi!

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2 thoughts on “A gift for Sushiiiwithsoysauce: Sushiiiwithsoysauce’s Kpop playlist

  1. AHH thank you so much! I really liked all the songs, especially the first one! It had a really good rhythm and I loved the visuals. And I don’t mind the nickname, A lot of people actually call me that since my online name is pretty long. Once again, Thank you!

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