If Kpop groups were an anime high school club

These are the ideas that happen when you don’t have any normal ideas left.

This title could also just be high school clubs, but I want to associate it as closely to some familiar anime clubs.

Let’s see how this goes.

Day6 – High School Band

Day6 is a South Korean rock band under JYP Entertainment. They are one of the few bands active in the Kpop industry. Other than that, I don’t think this needs any other explanation for why I chose it.

EXO – Occult Research Club

With EXO’s superpower concept and their latest darker concepts, they really serve those sexy and mysterious vibes. If we go all the way back to their debut days, it clearly screams occult.

The female version of this would probably be Dreamcatcher.

Secret Number – Foreign Language Club

Secret Number debuted just last year, and I have high expectations for this group. Despite coming from a small company, their songs and music videos surpassed my expectations.

This group is also one of the more multicultural groups. The group’s nationalities consist of Korean, Korean-American, Indonesian, and Japanese.

NCT – Host Club

NCT has enough members to run a small company. So, why not a host club? I mean… I wouldn’t mind walking into a situation where the NCT members are serving me wine and cheese or tea and cookies.

Blackpink – Fashion Editorial Club

Blackpink screams fashionista. I could definitely see these girls starting a club related to fashion.

While they might not be walking down the runway, I can see them writing and photographing and putting together a high-quality fashion editorial for the school.

SEVENTEEN – Outdoor Activities Club

This choice is influenced mainly due to their reality show, Going Seventeen. I especially enjoyed episodes where they are doing sports or some outdoor activity. With such a big, chaotic group, you won’t get bored.

BTS – Student Council

You know it’s a good school if Namjoon is the student council president.

I hope you enjoyed this fun, quick post! Until next time.

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