Rosé ‘Gone’ Quick Thoughts

I listened to Gone before On the Ground. While I enjoyed its simple melody, I quickly forgot about it until Rose released the music video.

Similar to On the Ground, Gone didn’t stand out to me. There wasn’t a moment where I was pleasantly surprised or unpleasantly surprised by the melody or vocals.

Gone sounds like a generic Western pop song that doesn’t have any highs or lows. I wouldn’t skip the song if it comes on, but I wouldn’t actively search to listen to it either.

The music video was okay. Rose looks amazing, and the shots clearly show her happy and depressing moments. But I wish they could’ve done more with the music video.

It seems like it was just similar shots pieced together rather than a coherent storyline. But I think this is a personal preference. I would’ve loved to see a music video like Taeyeon’s Fine or 11:11 for this song.

In a nutshell, I prefer Gone to On the Ground, since Rose’s vocals do stand out more here than the title track.

4 thoughts on “Rosé ‘Gone’ Quick Thoughts

  1. Shes really talented and has a lot of potential. I just think it would be rly cool if she showed of her vocals like she does in BLACKPINK like in Bet You Wanna for example yk?

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