Game Spotlight: Ace Attorney

It’s been so long since I wrote a game review or anything related to games. So, I thought I would introduce an old favorite.

Ace Attorney is a series of adventure and legal video games developed by Capcom. The purpose of the game is to defend an innocent client in court. You play as a lawyer and go around finding evidence to defend your client and then presenting the evidence and refuting the prosecution claims in court.

My friend recommended me the game, and I was instantly intrigued by the gameplay and plot. I was not disappointed.

While the story focuses on defending your client, it also gives character depth to its main cast. It’s like Criminal Minds in a legal setting. There’s a story within a story.

What I really enjoyed most about the game is learning about the main characters. This includes the lawyers and the prosecution. Heck, you even learn a little bit about the judge because it’s the same guy in all trials.

While the story’s premise is serious, there’s also a lot of humour to balance it out. You interrogate a parrot, for goodness sake, to get a non-guilty verdict.

The prosecution’s reactions and the witnesses are so sometimes so exaggerated that it just makes you laugh. There are so many ridiculous but humorous instances throughout the trial that makes the game endearing and fun.

Also, the game brings creative ways to do a trial. You get to unlock ‘psyche locks’ or use a bracelet and artificial intelligence to get a sense if a witness is lying. There’s a lot more than just Q&A in this game.

In the beginning, you play as Phoenix Wright, a rookie hot-headed lawyer. He inherits his mentor’s law firm after her passing and renamed it Wright Anything Agency. Later in the series, you play as Apollo or Athena, two lawyers who Phoenix takes under his wing. This pushes the main story forward.

In a spin-off game, you can play as Miles Edgeworth, one of the series’ main prosecutors who has a history with Phoenix. You’ll meet similar characters and play from his point of view.

I’ve played the entire series, but I didn’t finish the spin off games for some recurring characters in the series. Each and every one is worth your time.

The bottom line is that I love this game. The game is also made into an anime and a live-action. But the games definitely trumps all. Anyone who says otherwise…

But in reality, it’s more like this:

Just kidding, sort of.

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